Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of someone who lucked out with a perfect name.
Here’s a man whose done it all – world champion body builder, Hollywood blockbuster actor and now he’s on his second term as Govenator of California. For a guy from a small town in Austria to become Govenor of the most populous in the Union – now that’s out of the norm.
If Shakespeare’s phrase ‘What’s in a Name,” ever applied to someone, it is with Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name adds up to a number that explains why and how he’s accomplished he tremendous string of successes. When his parents chose this name, they struck gold. They chose the ‘Star of the Lion,’ number 23.
23 promises truly remarkable rewards in both personal life as well as career. One reason for this is the help the person receives from superiors. Additionally he’s protected from people in high positions of power. There’s no doubt, Arnold has benefited from both help and protection. Even with other negative numbers in a person’s blueprint, the 23 name or Day of Birth can be such a strong and positive influence that other challenges can be averted.
This is why 23 is called the Star of the Lion. The lion is King and usually wins.
Arnold doesn’t have an outright negative birthday or Life Purpose number. However, his other numbers would NEVER have given him the wealth and abundance he’s enjoyed for decades.
His Day of birth is the 30th, a number describing someone who can make thoughtful deductions, has retrospection and a kind of mental superiority over others. He may prefer to be alone with his thoughts. He wants to use his intellectual gifts to develop something worthwhile for the world. Ideas, which change how people think. 30 is also the number of someone who is gifted in the arts, befitting his life in Hollywood. It’s not an abundance number, nor does it describe a person who has chosen the hustle and bustle life of politics.
However, when you join the 30 with the 23, a potent mix of introspection and stage presence takes place. A mix of vibrations that moves mountains and brings in tremendous financial rewards.
In my experience, the 23 has a magical way of taking a person’s gifts and making them manifest in a concrete and most lucrative way. Exactly the way it has with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Tonight you can find out which number YOUR current name resonates to. Maybe your name needs changing – or maybe you have a great name. To find out immediately join the Pythagorean Club now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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