August 2013 Astro-Numerology Forecast

Posted on August 1st, 2013.

Your astro-numerology Video Forecast for August, 2013 is LIVE!
Check out the rare astro-numerology event propelling us all month long.

Find out what it will take for you to make the most out of thrilling 14/5 numerology in August. And why the Full Moon pushes our restart button

Don't miss this fun and exciting forecast!

Dedicated to Your Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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10 Responses to “August 2013 Astro-Numerology Forecast”

  1. Hello Tania,

    Thanks for the email updates. I have gone through a bankruptcy and in fact must be out of my house by the 14th… owns it now. It’s been a hard few years but I never give up! What can you tell me about the month of August in my life?


  2. Dinesh Kumar says:

    it feels really good & fantastic watching your presentation, i am really delighted, God Bless you & your family with love, peace, joy & happiness forever in life, your are really a good& pure soul in our earth enlightening charm on people’s faces.

    Tons of Thanks to you & your numerology team.

    I am already registered with your newsletter. Trying to build my future in better manner with your numerology studies, inspirations & my will power

    Dinesh Kumar

  3. Rev Ric says:

    I truly appreciate your monthly “heads-up” videos!! I don’t know much (next to nothing, really) about numerology and astrology but I thoroughly enjoy the simplicity with which you convey the pertinent details that we need to know each month!

    Thank you for your teaching and your dedication to something that would, otherwise for me, be unintelligeable! 8~)

    Rev Ric
    Healing Spirit Ministries

  4. John N says:

    Love reading your newsletter every month

  5. Eileen says:

    Thanks as always.

  6. Myriam says:

    Wonderful and exciting things to look forward to this month! Guess what: August 6 is my birthday! I’ll be 58. With thanks.

  7. Roseleen says:

    (‘> Hi 5 August Vibes!!! August arises with such wonderful
    //) vibes except for the mood swings on the ‘moonny’ 2nd, a 16/7 universal day– That 16/7 day doesn’t seem to be quite compatible with the 8th month… …Got to exercise and meditate per Tania’s advice in order to be able to take quick August Actions befitting the Big Shifts… (…Come August 6!). –It’s 5.5.2556 in the land of smiles :))…

  8. Roseleen says:

    New Moon @ 14 degrees!!! How cool!!! 14/5 is my favorite among the 5s… (…I just googled 14 degree new moon in Leo up and found that it’s 14 degrees 35 minutes GMT… 3+5=8 …Not sure if that signifies powerful financial shifts…)
    Such a brilliant video packed with so much amazing info & inspiring insights!!! Thank You!!!
    P.S. it’s 5.8.2556 in the land of smiles (typo in my previous comment).

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