Yesterday morning my daughter luckily heard the phone ring while I was in the shower.

Turns out the moving company I hired to move me to my new home later this week was on their way to my house. Thing is, they weren’t supposed to come yesterday!

It’s been that kind of month in many ways. A test of staying calm and cool under pressure.

There is a reason for the buildup of energy – and it’s release.

We are nearing the two-thirds milestone of 2012. And August is a 13/4 Universal Month.

That means two things.

1. It’s a great time to ground your energy, to calm down by planning and envisioning a step-by-step process for your immediate goals to come to fruition. 13 is the number of life-death-rebirth – grounded in the Earth, physical reality of number 4. 4 is the number of discipline, fortitude and work.

Keep your eyes fixed on your goals while creating a secure foundation for yourself – within and without.

2. If August is a 4 that means September is a 5 Universal Month. A 5 month in a 5 Universal Year will be a thrilling ride, to say the least.

So the pressure is building – in a good way!

Meet any unforeseen events this month with calmness. You are being tested for your inner strength. Remind yourself to be in a state of meditation under any circumstance. This grounding of your energy keeps you at peace and in focus even while you might find yourself at the center of a hurricane.

You either welcome the pressure as a relief – and amazement at how easily you an step into the precipice, align your heart with the divine and trust that ALL is well.

Or you feel the pressure in a fearful way, second-guessing and worrying about what’s around the next corner…

Fortunately when you know the simple formula – don’t let anything or anyone get you down – you can handle anything coming your way these days!

Great musicians, performers, athletes know about staying both relaxed and focused while under tremendous pressure, bringing the yin in balance with the yang to create a tremendous, energetic release.

During August, the opportunity to tap into this universal source of divine energy is greater than ever.

So yesterday, after calling back the moving truck driver and letting him know that I was NOT moving out that day, I had to wait for three hours before I heard that my original moving date was on again! I could have panicked. With a quick re-alignment of my focus on the present moment (being a mom really helped in this regard!) I managed to ride out the uncertainty and trust that all would fall into place. And it did.

Believe me, I refocused several times to stay in that calm place!

2012 is shifting you into alignment with your soul’s highest purpose… and August allows you to manifest your thoughts into physical reality in a lasting, transformative way.

This is a unique moment in human history.

Welcome all change. Welcome each moment that brings you to a pivot point.

Blessings and Love,

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