I've been busy caring for my daughter and
husband who are both recovering from the flu. While taking a break, I noticed
the unfolding homemade balloon story and the missing 6-year-old boy.

Yesterday a homemade UFO-looking balloon soared 7,000 feet over Colorado
after the boy, thought to be inside, set it loose from his parents' home.


One of his older brothers said he saw the boy get into the
craft, raising concerns that the boy may have fallen out of it. Thankfully he was found later hiding in a box in the
attic. Meanwhile, I wanted to know more, so I checked the little boy's current


Turns out ‘Falcon Heene' adds up to 16/7 – very
fitting, I must say.


16 is a number that attracts unforeseen, sudden
events. This vibration also symbolizes ‘a fall from a high place'.


Whether in a current name or current cycle, this
is a very unpredictable number.


Now there's speculation the whole event may have
been a hoax. Interestingly, Falcon's father, Richard Heene, ALSO has a 16/7
name. And this event, IF it was a hoax to generate publicity, will definitely
result in a ‘fall from a high place'.


Also this week a friend of mine emailed me to
let me know her home was robbed on Tuesday. Not much of value was taken, but it
was a shock nonetheless. Luckily her kids were in school.


My friend had written me earlier describing how
she has been feeling the past few days.


So I checked her current cycles.


She's in a 15/6 Personal Year in 2009. This
number covers all things related to home, friends and family.


It also means – October is a 16/7 Personal Month
for her. I emailed her to explain what that combination of numbers means.


16/7 cycles can often bring sudden events. Since
my friend's personal year is focused on home and family, the unexpected robbery
of her home lines up with these numbers. Also, my friend has a 25/7 Life
Purpose in her birth blueprint, which means that any 7 cycle is very important
for her.


You're always asked to use your intuition during
7 cycles.


Amazingly, the morning right before the robbery,
as my friend was driving her kids to school, she noticed a truck. Here's what
she wrote me –


‘What's even weirder is that
when I was driving home from taking my daughter to school this a.m. a truck in
front of me said Window Doctor on it.  I thought, ‘Wow, what's he doing
all the way out here?' (the address on the truck is a 40 minute drive).
 Guess who is fixing my door right now and the only company available to
do it – Window Doctor.


is stranger than fiction.'


Yes, very true. And there's one more number I
noticed in this recipe. The robbery happened on the 13th, another
number that can attract unexpected events.


Does this mean you're home will be robbed when
these numbers show up in your life. No.


Everyone has a totally unique experience. Plus,
it also matters what numbers are being activated in your birth blueprint.
Remember, my friend has a major 7 in hers.


I will be teaching a lot more about your
Personal Year, Month and Day in my NEXT seminar.


These cycles are so important and extremely
enlightening when it comes to planning your life – both in the short and long


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Warm Regards,


Tania Gabrielle

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