I picked up Wayne W. Dyer’s new book a couple of days ago. While browsing through it at the bookstore, one paragraph got my complete attention.
In the preface of the book, “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life,” about the Tao Te Ching, Dyer writes this –
“Every translation I read referred to the Tao as ‘the Way’, with a capital W, and the ‘Te’ as adding light or color to the Way. Well as I look at the name I’ve carried with me for over 65 years, Wayne Dyer, I realize what may have attracted me to studying and writing these essays! As you can see, the first three letters of my name make up the word ‘Way’, while a dyer is one who adds light or color. It’s no wonder why I’ve been so totally involved in reading, writing, interpreting, and, most significantly, putting into practice these 81 verses.”
Yes, Wayne, you are right about that. Every name is originally based on a word. What that word reveals, says much about who you are.
Here’s a look at another famous author, who literally changed his name. I’m referring to Mark Twain who was born Samuel Clemens. The name Samuel comes from the Hebrew name Shemuel. It means either “name of God” or “God has heard.” Clemens is a latin word meaning merciful and gentle.
So why did he change his name? I will tell you the numerological reason in a moment.
First, the name Mark. Of course, St. Mark wrote the 2nd Gospel in the New Testament. But he wasn’t the inspiration for the name change. Mark Twain actually took this name from a call used by riverboat workers on the Mississippi River to indicate a depth of 2 fathoms.
The word ‘twain’ is an archaic form meaning ‘two.’ His name Mark Twain was based on an old Nautical term. Sailors would mark depth on the Mississippi River by dropping a rope in the water. A ‘Mark Twain’ is 2 fathoms, or 12 feet. Samuel Clemens was a boat skipper, and he chose this name, because at Mark Twain, it was safe to sail along.
There was something about the number 2 that Mark Twain was attracted to. As was Wayne W. Dyer, whose Life Purpose Number is a 2. This number symbolizes imagination, conception, intuition and dreams.
But there’s more. In Chaldean Numerology the name Mark Twain resonates to 17/8. This is the number of Immortality. It pretty much guaranteed that his name would live after him. Had Samuel Clemens kept his name change a secret, he would have never benefited from it.
Instead, ‘Mark Twain’ was printed on hundreds of thousands of books during his lifetime – eventually millions. He was introduced as Mark Twain every time he spoke. Thus he ‘sent out the new vibration’ ensuring it reached as many minds as possible.
Mark Twain exponentially increased his success by embracing his new name.
Now, Wayne W. Dyer resonates to 19/1, one of the most favorable and fortunate vibrations of all. In fact, even when you take away his middle initial W, you get another fantastic number – 14/5, symbolizing communicating with the public through all sorts of media. Very fitting for a guy with several PBS specials and NY Times Bestselling books nearly every year for the past 30 years.
So, yes, your name DOES make a difference. I can’t stress that enough. There’s an easy way to gauge how your current name stacks up. Get your 22-24 page personal – Numerology Blueprinttoday, and never be in doubt ever again.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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