beyonce.jpgI read this morning that Beyonce
took home 6 Grammy's last night. And Taylor Swift won Album of the Year.


Not surprisingly both singers are
in very important cycles this year.


Taylor Swift just began a new
9-year cycle in January. Anytime you enter a Personal Year which reduces to 1,
you are starting a brand new 9-year adventure. Taylor's 10/1 Personal Year in
2010 also means she can easily manifest her biggest goals right now.


Her 10/1 cycle also activates one
of her three important birth numbers. Taylor has a 7 Life Purpose – and the
numbers 1, 5 and 7 form a trilogy. This means her 1 Personal Year is activating
her 7 Life Purpose.


So she started her year off with a


Beyonce, who won the most Grammys
last night has BIG numbers going for her right now.


Her Destiny – based on her birth
name ‘Beyonce Giselle Knowles' – adds up to a powerful Master Number, 88/16/7.
Since 8 symbolizes leadership, strength and overcoming obstacles – it is
referred to as the ‘Executive Number.'


When any number is doubled, such as
11 or 55, it is called a Master Number. And Beyonce's 88 is all about power and


In 2010 her Destiny Number is lit
up in lights.


That's because Beyonce Knowles is
in a 16/7 Personal Year in all year long. This fully activates her 88/16/7


Since your Destiny Number
represents your career, it's no surprise Beyonce took home the goods last


There's one other thing she has
going for her in 2010.


Remember how the numbers 1-5-7
form a trilogy. Well her current name ‘Beyonce Knowles' adds up to 14/5.


14 is the ‘Media Number' – a
perfect frequency for the singer/actress. And 14 reduces to 5. So her 7
Personal Year this year triggers BOTH her Destiny and her highly fortunate name


Finally, January 2010 is a 17/8
Personal Month for Beyonce.


17 is the Immortality Number. Her
six Grammy's will immortalize her in the history books.


Plus 17 reduces to 8, and ties in
with her 88 Destiny.


The numbers recipe for Beyonce
Knowles was and is amazingly powerful. These frequencies definitely helped her bring
home six golden statues.


There's more I can reveal about
Beyonce. Like what her initials reveal. What the placement of the letters in
her name say about her success.


Beyonce is one of many celebrities
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level. Much, much more will be shared at my upcoming seminar.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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