When I drove my daughter to her first day back at school Wednesday she asked, ‘Mom is every child nervous about the first day at school?”

Since she’s getting interested in numbers, I gave her a two-fold answer.

I said, “Sweetheart, everyone will feel somewhat nervous because you’re going back to school on September 5, which is a 5 Day in a 5 Month in a 5 Universal Year… And number 5 is about taking risks and going on a new adventure!”

I also told her that – Yes, any important new experience can bring on nervousness as we try to anticipate how we will feel. I explained I understood exactly how she felt because I was just as nervous before going back to school too. Her eyes opened wide – she said, ‘really, mom?’ and we ended up having a great conversation.

Kids have natural ability to stay real. They are open and inquisitive. Most importantly, they haven’t learned to switch off ‘who they are’ in order to come across in a certain way or ‘in the best light’.

I love how Kids will break rules and expectations to keep their freedom!

They are naturally FREE — being themselves rather than ‘acting’ out their life.

As we grow into adults we’re more prone to act than be – obeying unconscious, unspoken rules instead of trusting our intuition.

Being real and authentic is not as prized and encouraged as is acting out a set of guidelines which were created FOR us – not BY us,

Part of our inability to break the rules and create REAL freedom comes from a lack of spiritual tools.

We have very few if any true ‘Mystery Schools' to help us make sense of symbols, sounds and words. Being nourished by the well of wisdom WITHIN your is the key to happiness and success.

As the late George Carlin said,

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

One spiritual tool that demystifies our world and provides us with the wisdom to make informed decisions is the world of numbers, words and symbols.

Words and numbers ARE powerful symbols.

Some important words have undergone many re-interpretations, taking us away from their true origin. However, the original meaning of a word will always be evoked subconsciously when you write or speak it.

Just as your current name impacts your life in a big way, symbols do as well – whether you are aware of it or not. That’s because every symbol carries a specific frequency.

Did you know there are internal symbolic codes embedded in letters and words?

I will be teaching the ORIGIN of some very important words as they relate to 2013 during my Passion Poise and Power Live Event.

We’ll be breaking lots of rules at this event – as befits 2012, the 5 Universal Year of Freedom!

Some origins will be surprising and even SHOCKING to you. But they must be understood in order for us to move beyond our limitations. Especially now as the Sun is about to cross our Galactic Center and you have a tremendous opportunity to press the RESTART button!

Our tendency is to limit our life experience by the very interpretations we give to our experiences.

For example, if you translate your day as having been a challenging one, you’ll make sure you create an image for others to accept your interpretation.

On the other hand, if your day had some challenges but you transcended them by creating opportunities for growth and expansion, your story about the SAME day will have a very different interpretation.

Understanding the origin of your thoughts and feelings helps to shift your interpretation of current events.

In the same way, WORDS are symbols that carry stories of great impact. Knowing their origin will inevitably shift your EXPERIENCE and usage of them.

Any teaching about empowerment, freedom, abundance and success must unravel the meaning of symbols in your life. Because those symbols, in particular YOUR NUMBERS, will keep on influencing your perceptions until you wake up to their meaning and impact.

Words and numbers permeate everything we feel and do.

From October 5-7 you will learn the REAL meaning behind some very important words – how they impact your life and the lives of everyone alive today. This experience will create a conscious SHIFT in you as we demystify and release outdated, false beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of.

You will replace those beliefs while ALSO receiving your personal Abundance Blueprint – and joining of your blueprint with live event will create a formula that will have a profound impact on your life.

**GREAT NEWS! I’m now creating Abundance Blueprints for EVERYONE who attends Passion Poise and Power next month – including ALL GUESTS!

I look forward to sharing an unforgettable weekend with you – beginning four weeks from TODAY!

Here’s that link to lock in one of the final remaining seats:

I hope to see you on October 5!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Over 100 spiritual entrepreneurs and healers are going to be at the Passion Poise and Power LIVE Event! 2012 is a 5 Year and means – get out, explore and travel!

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  1. Dorothy Borejszo September 10, 2012 at 7:43 am - Reply

    Hell Tania

    Unfortunately, I canot attend your live event as I live in South Africa. Will you be making any recordings available after the event for those of us who cannot make it?

    Thank you.

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