Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.54.09 PMUnless you’ve been camping out with no access to media this past week, you know that 1976 Olympic Decathlon gold medalist, Bruce Jenner, has come out as a transgender and is in the process of transitioning to be a woman.

So it’s no surprise that Jenner’s current cycles reflect a major endings and new beginnings theme.

Let’s look at his birth promise first.

William Bruce Jenner was born on October 28, 1949.

  • Bruce’s Day of Birth is 28/10/1.
  • His Life Purpose Number is 34/7.
  • His Destiny Number is 86/14/5.

As you can see, his three important birth numbers make up the 1-5-7 “Mind” triad in numerology. That means he has a brilliant mind, knows how to focus (so important when competing and winning at the Olympics) and can definitely hold secrets.

He's also a television personality, being married into the media-savvy Kardashian clan.

No surprise then that Bruce Jenner’s 86 Destiny Number (based on his Birth Name) adds up to 14/5the “Media” number!

And that’s not all.

His current name (until he changes it) “Bruce Jenner”, also resonates to 14/5.

That’s a double Media influence in both his Destiny and Current Name frequencies!

14 adds up to the root number 5, symbol of FREEDOM. Bruce Jenner is certainly experiencing freedom on a profound level right now. It is his literally his Destiny explore freedom and to communicate his journey of freedom to others.

Consequently it’s perfectly natural and comfortable for him to be in the media spotlight, whether as the darling Olympic Champion back in 1976, as a Kardashian family member, or now – while profiling his transgender journey in the intensifying media spotlight.

As for the timing of his big interview with Diane Sawyer on April 24, the numbers confirm a powerful transition is in place for Jenner THIS birth year.

  • Bruce is currently in an 18 Personal Year until October.

18 adds up to 9the number of endings, culminations, celebration and emotional release.

Since Bruce Jenner’s three important birth numbers are all in the 1-5-7 “Mind” triad, this emotional Personal Year is not the easiest for him.

In fact, Jenner was involved in a major car accident on February 7 – the lightning strike number.

(February 7 was a 27/9 Personal Day for Bruce! On that day he was experiencing not only his 7 Life Purpose but also a double 9 Personal Year and Day of release and endings.)

  • Bruce Jenner is 65 years old.

65 adds up to 11. When your Personal Year or your age reduces to the master number 11, you are experiencing Double New Beginnings in every part of your life.

  • On the day of the interview, April 24, Bruce was experiencing a 28 Personal Day.

28 is a very significant number for him. He was born on October 28!

28 adds up to 10 and 1 – New Beginnings and Instant Manifestation.

635655108847785817-jennerDuring that highly rated interview, he instantly changed from being considered a man to obviously transitioning to being a woman.

(I was traveling outside the country last Friday, so didn’t see it, but am sure it was truly an emotional and freeing experience for those who shared that moment with him.)

So his three important numbers activated are:

  • 18/9 Personal Year.
  • 65/11 Age
  • 28/10/1 Personal Day

The result:

  • An ending of one life.
  • A double New Beginning and Manifestation of his new life.
  • Jenner’s Life Purpose number activated…

Numbers never lie.

Numbers reveal the true story of your life.

Knowing your own personal cycles and most fortunate days is a key element to success and abundance.

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  1. Maria April 30, 2015 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    He is also in a 23/5 cycle so doesn’t that also play a role in the timing of his public transition since 5 is about freedom and change?

    • Tania
      Tania May 8, 2015 at 9:05 am - Reply

      Absolutely, Maria! 5 is all about contact with the public – good read!

  2. Allie June 17, 2015 at 8:30 pm - Reply

    Hi Tania,

    I love your readings and I always watch your videos. I’m like addicted to it 😀
    But I have few questions.

    1. If a person changes their name, obviously the new name is going to affect them a lot but wouldn’t also the day & time they change their name be considered their new birth chart?

    2. If so, how much this new chart affects someones life?
    Is it like 20% new chart and 80% birth chart or 50/50 maybe?

    3. And what time would you put as the time of the name change.
    The actual time when the judge signs the paper when you tell them why you’re changing your name
    when they process it after the hearing and you have to go and pay them to get the copies and stuff?

    It would be so interesting to hear your opinion about this because you are knowledgeable about both numerology and astrology 🙂

    All Best!

    • Tania
      Tania June 22, 2015 at 9:46 am - Reply

      Allie, your new fortunate name affects you instantly. If you embrace it fully, it will implement very fast. You must embrace the new fortunate name verywhere you regularly see it and sign your name. It implements before you make it legal. Legalization, if necessary, enhances the effect even more.

      Your birth name has nothing to do with the current name.Both are calculated differently. Your birth name and birthday describe your gifts, your current name show how easily or challenging it is for you to fulfill your birth gifts. 🙂

  3. theo December 19, 2016 at 9:52 am - Reply

    it’s nice to read this! much grattitude

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