I get asked this question a lot – Can you
predict your future with numerology?


Here's my answer.


Your personal year, month and day numbers give a
forecast of the major themes and trends you will be experiencing in the future.


This goes for countries and businesses as well. Let's
look at a couple of examples.



The U.S. is in a 22/4 Personal Year in 2009.
Since 4 is a major number in the birth blueprint for America – having been born
on the 4th – it's an especially potent year.


During number 4 cycles you are asked to
organize, plan, be responsible, focus on finances and health, and work harder
than usual.


The flipside of 4 cycles is obstruction,
failure, health and work challenges.


So it's not surprising that, on the front-burner
so far this year for the U.S. have been jobs, the economy and health care.


Now let's look at how cycles have affected
President Obama.


The forecast for his Personal Year in 2009 is
unexpected changes, important pivotal decisions, the media spotlight and
travel. His 5 Year is a tipping point, because 5 lies right in the middle of
numbers 1-9.


During the year he'll feel disoriented and
wonder which direction to take. At the same time he has great powers to
communicate through the media and sell his ideas, since 5 represents both.


pres obama.jpg

You could say that this year has been a roller
coaster ride for President Obama so far. His decisions on another bailout
earlier this year, the healthcare plan, his up and down direction in the polls
as well as his many appearances in the media ALL tie into his 5 Personal Year.


Since he's the leader of the U.S. it's also
important to look at BOTH their cycles together.


With a 4 personal year for the U.S. and his own
5 cycle you can see why President Obama is dealing with major decisions about
responsibility and planning in Afghanistan, the unpredictability of the Iran
nuclear situation as well as healthcare and loss of jobs at home.


Notice how the themes for both numbers 4 and 5
cycles are activated in these events.


So what about 2010? Change will be one of the
big keywords next year.


Here's a tip for you. Every October you can get
a glimpse into some of the themes you may experience the following year. This
is because, in October of the previous year you experience the same ‘root
number' as the upcoming year.


For example, looking back at October 2008, an 11
Universal Month, we had the big billyion banker bailout, also known as the
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
of 2008.
It was enacted on October 3,


In 2009, an 11 Universal Year, the economy has been on the
front pages all year. So that banker bailout last October forecast one of the
major themes of 2009.


Now let's look at October 2009. So far the major events have
been escalating tension with Iran as well as several huge earthquakes in Indonesia
and the South Pacific, with the Philippines being hit by both hurricanes and


Those events forecast themes for 2010.


I will go into GREAT detail about what else to
expect in 2010 during my NEXT seminar.


Oak Creek.jpg

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Tania Gabrielle

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