I was going to write about the Oscar nominees. Then so many of you asked about President Obama's 2nd oath, I switched gears.

Glad I did. Because I made a fascinating discovery about the timing yesterday between two seemingly separate events.

Remember when I told you Barack Obama was in 5 Personal Year in 2009. And that Inauguration Day was a 5 Universal Day. Meaning expect the unexpected. Of course, no one expected the Presidential Oath to be an issue. That's the nature of 5 cycles – they can catch you off guard.

So President Obama retook the 35-word oath at 7:35pm yesterday. This time without Lincoln's bible.

Interestingly, at the SAME time news broke about Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the 35th President, pulling out of Senate consideration. She cited personal reasons.

Note that the number 35 reduces to 8. When in combination with other 8s or 4s, these two numbers indicate ‘fateful and destined events.'

Remember another surprising event happened during Obama's Inauguration luncheon. Caroline's uncle and President John F. Kennedy's brother, Senator Ted Kennedy, collapsed. She is very close to her uncle and this event could have influenced her decision.

So an interesting numbers' connection was forged in the last two days between the oldest American political dynasty, and the newest one.

Let's look at Caroline Kennedy's withdrawal.

Last month we heard about Caroline Kennedy's interest in Senator Hillary Clinton's NY Senate seat. What a surprise from someone whose stayed out of politics for so long.

The announcement of her interest generated a lot of excitement. Until after the holidays, when Caroline's recent interviews were not received favorably.

Caroline Kennedy's Personal Year in 2008 was 21/3. Fittingly, she stepped into the limelight last year. For the first time ever Caroline supported a candidate for President. She endorsed President Obama one year ago and has been part of his Inner Circle ever since.

3 cycles have a way of getting you on a stage, in front of people in some way. You'll be asked to express yourself as a writer, speaker or in some other capacity.

Since 3-6-9 form a trilogy, Caroline's 3 cycle in 2008 tied in directly to her 33/6 Life Purpose number too. Plus, she's born on the 27th, a 9 Day, so much of her Personal Numerology Blueprint was activated last year.

Now she is in a 22/4 Personal Year. Kennedy's Destiny is a 4. So she understands this vibration and it could have helped her in her life as a U.S. Senator this year.

However, as I said last month, my one concern is her current name ‘Caroline Kennedy' – it adds up to a very challenging vibration, 18.

Last year her current name number wasn't as big a hindrance as it is in 2009.

This year it is more of a burden. That's because her 22/4 year and challenging 18/9 current name are in direct conflict with each other right now.  

Again, I'm going to repeat that she would be helped immensely if she used her married name, ‘Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg'. It adds up to a highly fortunate 21/3 name – a much better choice for this lady who has already suffered so much tragedy.

Anyone would want to activate his or her blueprint in a positive way. That's where a fortunate current name is so important.

And how can you reap all the benefits in 2009. By KNOWING your forecast. By taking advantage of the best your Personal Year has to offer.

Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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