In 1989 Clay and I got married. That same year the ruling military junta in Burma changed their country’s name to ‘Myanmar.’
The Berlin Wall came down as well that year. It was a year of change, befitting the 9 that 1989 adds up to.
But it’s the name change from Burma to Myanmar that I want to focus on. It happened one year after thousands were killed during a popular uprising in Burma and martial law was declared.
Then, in May 1990, the Burmese government held free elections. Aung San Suu Kyi’s party won 392 out of a total 489 seats. She would have been declared Prime Minister had the election results not been annulled by the military government.
Suu Kyi, the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, has been in detention ever since.
Her father was General Aung San who founded the modern Burmese military in Bangok. He was instrumental in bringing about Burma's independence, but was assassinated six months before its final achievement.
The UK and the US still don’t recognize the name Myanmar, though news organizations refer to both names.
When I looked at these two names this morning, I was shocked.
You see, I spoke to a client in Australia who told me about a film that just aired on the news there. The video was shot under great secrecy by journalists who snuck into the country after the great cyclone hit on May 3.
This person had to turn off the TV because the images were so horrifying. I will spare you the details on what the journalists filmed.
What I really wanted to know is the numbers Burma and Myanmar add up to. ‘Burma’, as it turns out, is a 15 name – a number of family, love, magic and alchemy.
‘Myanmar’, on the other hand, adds up to 18. The number which represents the material wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature. The number associated with wars, revolution and social upheaval. The number representing those forces who achieve position by using divisive tactics through war or other conflict.
The SAME number that May 3, 2008 adds up to – the day the cyclone struck.
18 also specifically warns about danger from the elements, such as fire, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, lightning and explosions.
Once again I’m humbled by the extraordinary significance of numbers. Whether it’s a name or a date, the resulting numbers speak an important language which is full of symbols and messages. Understanding that language is vital to helping you achieve success – as well as peace of mind.
Let us all send our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by these major natural disasters.
With Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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