055dc67d65cdf9e5b793842a8f9c95a7A couple of days ago Clara, my now 13-year-old daughter and I were talking.

Clara is passionate about human rights and equality for everyone. She’s asking about girl/boy stuff now (yes, she has a first crush!).

One cultural expectation has her REALLY confused, though – the one about letting the boy make the first move.

The idea of a girl being pursued by a boy is not something she agrees with.

“Mom, if a boy and girl like each other, why can’t the girl say something?”

I explained how the cultural conditioning for thousands of years says the boy should take the initiative. Girls should wait.

“But that makes the girl the weak one, and the boys always get to be strong. That’s just not right, mom!” she replied.

I told Clara she has a great point, and that she’ll have to follow her heart, not listen to what’s perceived as right and wrong.

She experiences her life with great clarity and passion, and there was no way I was going to take her strong feelings about this matter and suppress them with my past conditioning of how the sexes should relate to each other.

I woke up from my own conditioning!

When I considered Clara's fresh, untainted perspective, I suddenly realized why it makes so little sense to her for a woman to wait for a man to take the initiative.

Waiting and throwing out bait creates a game of chase. It makes the woman a form of prey. Naturally, Clara wouldn't like that idea!

Who decided a women was unfeminine or pushy when she feels love for someone and the man isn’t willing to take the first step?

Clara is right. It's a subtle, unspoken form of inequality — an imbalance of power.

Love is love. Love is not a power trip.

But we’ve made it a game, a hunt, a way to manipulate a desired outcome.

If you love someone, you express that love to the other person – man or woman. Either one can say to the other, “I love you. There is no obligation to love me in return, as I respect you unconditionally. I just want to share what I feel with you.…”

If you fall in love with someone who also loves you, you enter a zone of profound completion.

No matter who initiates, you’re inviting the other into a deeply shared meditation.

August is a month to set yourself free from the past.

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Uranus, the planet of freedom and futuristic breakthroughs has just gone retrograde. The number 16 is activated all month long. Take this opportunity to break free from stuff you accepted just because it was expected (we ALL have it) !

Change the rules and go with your feelings.

With Venus retrograde too until September 6, your FEELINGS about love, joy and money are being set free in a big way.

Now is a time to reach beyond the limited mind and explore all infinite potentials.

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  1. Carrie July 31, 2015 at 1:34 am - Reply

    Hi Tania, very cool that your daughter is already tuned into female empowerment. I was a child of the 70s and naturally inspired by feminists of that era, so I felt it completely natural when I started dating to introduce myself to a guy I liked (once I got over my shyness). It wasn’t until after college that I became more bold and initiated relationships with guys rather than waiting for them to come to me. I didn’t even think twice about it. I just had that instinct. I also believe strongly in equality within relationships so my befriending guys helped me to become more comfortable being around them and seeing them as equals, and vice versa. On a very magical day, the 23rd of March almost 20 years ago when the Pleiades star cluster was visible, I met my lifelong male companion and soul mate. We have been together ever since.

    I think it’s great that you are being supportive of your daughter’s decisions. I am also feeling an emergence of feminine goddess energy (I suppose from Venus?)which should be very good for rebalancing male-female relationships. Perhaps your daughter is tapping into that through her intuition. Very exciting! 🙂

    I have several women friends who have been struggling in the past decade with trying to find men who know how to respectfully date women in a traditional fashion such as courting them, taking them out for dinner, bringing them flowers, etc. Some of my friends couldn’t get anything more than a coffee date with these guys, and my girlfriends are all attractive ladies. I’m not sure if this is because men now expect women to take the lead, or because they never learned how to date in a traditional way, but I think women taking the lead is a good thing. We can all be role models for our guys to help them develop better relationship skills, rather than expecting them to already know how.

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