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Chelsea Clinton gets married today
to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in Rhinebeck, NY.


I know the area. Many years ago I
had a world premiere of one of my classical music compositions years ago at
Bard College, who commissioned the piece.


The first factor I check when
looking at a relationship is compatibility. There is a frequency exchange in
any relationship – romantic, work-related, with friends or the dynamics within
a family.


What I look for is how strong two
or more people's bond is through six different categories.


Then I see how many numbers two or
more people share across the board.


Finally I place both people's
birthdays and birth names at my pineal gland and scan them for compatibility.
It is this final step that I will be teaching in depth at my ‘Scan Your Life' Seminar in October.


more about this exciting event here.


For Chelsea and Marc the numbers
look good.


Firstly, I see they have a lot in
common. Their numbers create an easy and close friendship. They understand each
other on many unspoken levels.


This is a great asset in any


Chelsea and Marc share at least
three of their six numbers. This alone shows an a clear and effortless
communication between the two.


Chelsea Clinton is in a 14/5
Personal Year in 2010


So it makes perfect sense that she
is getting all this media attention right now. 14 happens to be the Media


The month of July is a 21/ 3
Personal Month for her – matching her Destiny Number of 102/3. 3 is a number of
celebration and social interaction. Chelsea has a 9 Day of Birth too, and since
3-6-9 forms a trilogy, the 3 activates most of her important birth numbers.


Between her 14/5 Year and 3 Month,
Chelsea's life has been a complete whirlwind of change, distractions and
non-stop activity.


I'm sure she will be happy to
decompress on her honeymoon – though that won't be easy.


Fortunately her name ‘Chelsea
Clinton' resonates to a highly fortunate number – 53/8. It gives her power,
prosperity, strength and the ability to overcome obstacles.


With a good name, she has the
natural support network she needs to accomplish her goals easily.


Her husband-to-be has a more
challenging name combination. Marc Mezvinsky has a current name of 44/8. For
someone born on the 15th, this number is not recommended.


May their special day be a happy
one – even with all the attention.


In October I am going to
show you how to model what I do. I am going to show you how to access important
information on any subject matter.


Come Join me in beautiful St.
Joseph on the shores of Lake Michigan and learn what I can do, so you can do it


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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