I was asked to appear live on
NBC's Today Show in New York City this past Sunday to talk about the
numerological significance of 10.10.10.


But I had to decline since I was
committed already to teaching my ‘Scan Your Life' seminar all weekend. And yes,
I did talk about the amazing triple ‘Instant Manifestation' Day at my seminar.


I'll let you know when the next
Today Show appearance happens.


As for the news today and over the
weekend, we have the Chilean miners finally emerging from darkness today.


Chile miners.jpg

Very fitting that it is the 13th
– Transformation, Death and Rebirth. 13 is always a number that will break new
ground. Going from light to darkness and back.


33 Miners are being rescued today.
A master number that reduces to 6, indicating they bonded and became each
others family and emotional resource. 33 can sometimes flipside into a martyr frequency.
Fortunately though, the miners did not succumb their lives.


The 6 is also reflected in the
amount of days they spent underground – 69. This number reduces to 15/6
symbolizing magic, miracles and spiritual alchemy. Their rescue truly is a


Another important clue is today's
date, 10.13.2010, which adds up to 8.


8 represents overcoming all
obstacles and gaining strength as a result. 8 is about eternal life – turn 8 on
its side and it represents infinity. Today, the miners got their life back.


So the numbers show the Chilean
miners formed a family bond and gained incredible inner resources as a result. Adding
the 13 to the mix means that each of the miner's lives has been transformed forever
– in a very unexpected way.


I wish them well as they embark on
a whole new life with their loved ones – under the spotlight of the world


As for my seminar, I am just now
getting back to ‘normal' – if you can call it that. It was such a wonderful


What made me most happy is that
everyone who attended realized the incredible resources they had within themselves.
We scanned each other, our loved ones, the globe and even a President – and
received amazing revelations.


Best of all, everyone experienced
how EASY it is to get vital information about your life – in just a few
minutes. All you need is a person's birthday and birth name and some simple
tools, and suddenly a whole new world opens up to you.


I'll be releasing the ‘Scan Your
Life' DVDs and workbook shortly. So stay tuned.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Many lives were transformed
this past weekend. One common denominator was changing the frequency of the
current name. Make sure your name resonates to a fortunate number – it makes
all the difference.

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