chile earthquake.jpgOn Saturday Chile had a giant
8.8 earthquake. At least 700 people have died.


Meanwhile Western Europe was
battered by a cyclone named Xynthia over the same weekend. Flooding was
extensive, especially along the coasts and at least 55 people died.


The winds reached 200 km an
hour – 124 miles per hour.


What is happening? The single
root numbers 3 and 5 were in full force last month. 2010 is a 3 Universal Year
and February a 5 Universal Month.


Both are vibrations of change.
3 symbolizes dramatic events and 4 the unexpected. When you put them together
they can bring rapidly changing times.


Especially when other numbers
join the recipe.


For example ‘Xynthia' is a
powerful and challenging 22/4 current name. In a current name, this number
warns of danger.


‘Chile' adds up to 17/8 – the
Immortality Number. This means Chile will be remembered for something and has
the strength to overcome obstacles.


On May 22, 1960 Chile was
rocked by the greatest earthquake in recorded history – a 9.5 magnitude.


And it will be remembered for
Saturday's catastrophic 8.8 quake as well. Concepcion and islands off the coast
were hit by devastating tsunami's. The whole world was watching the Pacific
Basin on Saturday.


The numbers give us more
astounding clues.


On Saturday in Japan a 7.0
earthquake struck off Okinawa. The same day Chile's 8.8 tremblor struck
diagonally across the ocean.


Both numbers are 7's.


8.8 = 8+8 = 16/7


Remember Haiti's quake was ALSO
a 7.0.


I believe these numbers are
warning signs of more to come. Chile's 8.8 quake shows the power and strength
of the number 8. Coupled with the number 16 – symbolized by a lightning strike followed
by a fall from a high place – this combination is catastrophic.


The message – unexpected and
powerful events are to be a expected all year long.


Look at these other
activations for Chile.


Chile is in a 14/5 Personal
Year, triggering the number 5.


February was a 16/7 Personal
Month for Chile.


Saturday was a 7 Personal Day.


chile tsunami.jpg

What about the Universal
Numbers for February 27 – after all it was a global event affecting potentially
40 countries with possible tsunamis.


2010 = 3 Universal
Year of Drama, community and distraction.


February, 2010 = 5 Universal
Month of Change, unexpected events.


February 27, 2010 = 14/5
Universal Day – Media Number, change, and sudden events.


27th = 9 – completion
of cycle, endings.


In January I wrote about these
same numbers in relation to California. I believe this state and the West Coast
will be affected as well sometime this year.


Just as numbers indicate the
outlook for countries, states, cities and the world – they do for your life as


What happened this weekend in
Chile and Europe confirms the trends in my forecast for 2010. Staying in tune
with your own personal cycles right now is very important, especially in fast
moving times.


Be especially vigilant Not to
get caught in the drama.


A 3 Universal year demands
that you create and express yourself. As to where your focus lies all year –
that is revealed in your own Personal Cycles for 2010.


When you are creative, you
are naturally happy – the positive meaning of the number 3. To be creative, you
have to act.


So keep the balance and stay grounded
this year by activating your immense creative powers.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. I have something very
important to share with you this week – maybe as early as tomorrow. Keep an eye
on this page.

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