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With Alexa Ray Joel in the news recently, I have received questions
about her and her parents – Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel.


Alexa and her dad singer songwriter Billy Joel
have a lot in common.


They share the exact same Life Lesson Number
37/10/1. They also share the exact same Essence vibration, 14/5 – the Media
Number. And they both have 8 current names.


It's no surprise Alexa is trying to follow in
her famous dad's footsteps.


Additionally, Alexa and Billy Joel are always in
the same Personal Year. In 2009 it's a 25/7 cycle – indicating the possibility
of sudden events, loneliness and the need for a time-out.


Add an additional flavor for the month of
December, when Alexa and her dad are in a 1 Personal Month. This activates
their Life Purpose Number 37/1. Because 1-5-7 form a trilogy, the 1 also
activates the 7 Personal Year cycle even more.


When one of your major birth numbers is
triggered – it means there are both challenges and opportunities to help you
grow. You feel more under the spotlight.


Notice that on the 5th of December, the
day Alexa overdosed in an attempted suicide, the number 5 was activated.


5 is the middle numbers 1 through 9 and
symbolizes a pivot point – adventure, risk, opportunity, many distractions, and
lots of changes. 5 represents the 5 senses.


The 5 is further activated right now since Alexa
Ray Joel is 23 years old, which reduces to 5.


She was born on a 29/11/2 Day. So relationships
will always be big learning experiences for Alexa. 29 is a powerful master
number but it can bring anxiety about your partners in life.


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Her mother Christie Brinkley was born on a 2
Day, so she shares this focus on relationships with her daughter.


In a 25/7 Personal Year, Alexa was most likely
confronted with loneliness. 7 cycles ask you to take time off, and for a young
singer and songwriter, who has famous parents and is trying to build her own
career, taking it slowly and focusing on her inner life would not have been


Let's look at her mother, supermodel Christie
Brinkley. She has a 23/5 Life Purpose and an 86 Destiny, which reduces to 14/5,
the Media Number.


Christie will never want to be tied down, and
her many marriages, changes and hectic life as a supermodel come as no surprise
with this powerful double 5 in her blueprint. The keywords for Christie are
adventure, variety and change. Amazingly, she has appeared on over 500 magazine


‘Christie Brinkley' adds up to 45/9 – a highly
fortunate current name number which helped her go from unknown surfer girl to a
whirlwind life of travel and fame.


With this name number, Christie has to always
carry out her own original ideas and not be intimidated or influenced by
opinions that differ from hers.


2009 is a 15/6 Personal Year for Brinkley. The
focus of any 6 cycle is on home and family.


Just like Billy Joel, Christie has a strong
numbers' bond with her daughter and both parents will hopefully be able to help
Alexa Ray through this emotional crisis.


What I would advise Alexa is to never refer to
herself as ‘Alexa Joel' – this current name adds up to 13/4. Her name ‘Alexa
Ray Joel' is a 17 name indicating she can leave a legacy behind – so it is best
she ALWAYS use this version.


The frequencies surrounding your life, your
cycles and the place you live all reveal important clues.


What's great is that YOU have control over your
current name – the Activator of your birth blueprint.


There's no better time to discover how your life
and future are shaped by your numbers than right Now during my Holiday


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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