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This morning comes news of two
separate incidents. One took place in Washington D.C. and the other was a near
collision of two planes at San Francisco Airport earlier this month.


What these two events share the number 3.


3.30.2010 translates as 3-3-3. Triple
unexpected events and emotional drama.


Programmed people, like the latest
D.C. shooter, are activated on certain dates which act as trigger codes.
Numbers are very powerful and can be programmed into your mind.


The number 3 also figures in the United Airlines
Jumbo Jet on route to China from San Francisco nearly collided with a small
Cessna plane.


The two planes were only 300 feet
apart vertically, when they should have been at least 1000 feet apart. They also were only 1.5 miles apart horizontal when it should have been 3 miles. The plances
came so close, that a collision alarm went off in the cockpit of the United
plane warning the pilots to descend and avoid a mid-air crash.


Flight numbers give us clues as
well. United's was 889 which adds up to 25/7. 7 symbolizes a lightning bolt –
this strike can be a sudden intuitive insight, or a sudden event.


Also during this 3rd
month of March, we had the arrest of a militia group in Michigan. As I have
written before, Sarah Palin and the tea party movement will play a big factor
as more and more people feel that the world is actually going to end.


Emotions are being triggered
worldwide, and this will intensify as the year goes on.


This is no surprise – 2010 is a 3
Universal year. Most everyone will feel some kind of drama. I certainly have
had my share this month.


The key in a 3 cycle is to channel
the drama into a spiritual awakening. Use the powerful 3 and redirect your
emotions into creativity. Express your heartfelt feelings. 3 allows you to make
changes that are life-changing.


3 symbolizes Perfection. The
trilogy of mother, father, child.


All year, we are being prompted to
find the perfection that exists in our innermost core.


To help you understand the current
trends for you personally this year, be sure you know which of your own numbers
are being activated right now. This will help you tremendously in creating the
change that sets you free.


One great tool you have is ‘Your Next 12 Months‘ report.


This blueprint helps you fulfill your goals and expand your
horizons by giving you a personal month-to-month forecast.


Watch your personal frequencies in action right now.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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