Occasionally I'm asked whether the Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint is a computer generated printout.
Absolutely not!
Here’s the truth about most numerology and astrology readings. Nobody has intuitively contacted you. Only their printer gets attention. There’s no one tuning into YOU. What you receive from such a ‘reading’ is a generic printout with no personal information, no warmth – no connection.
I don’t even use a software program for numerology. It would interfere with my intuition and the sheer joy of being connected to the person I’m creating the blueprint for.
I had two clients last week who had the exact same Life Purpose Number. And both received very different explanations about how this number was active in their current life.
Why is this.
Because I am not just a Pythagorean Numerologist but also an Intuitive Counselor. This means, I can see, feel and hear where each of my clients find themselves at this moment in time. I sense what your questions are, what dreams and goals you have, and how you will fulfill your destiny.
I liken it to the difference between an outline for a new book and the actual book itself.
Computer printouts of your numbers are just an outline. They don’t reach you on a spiritual level. They touch the surface of who you are. They feel bland and impersonal because they are.
An Intuitive Counselor like myself will open the gateway to your soul. This person understands who you are on a very deep level. He or she will act as a catalyst, reminding you of your inner gifts and what you are here to do.
As an Intuitive Counselor I will never make you feel negative about where you find yourself. Instead, you will receive guidance on the all the good you have to offer. I will unveil your real mission – the true reason why you are incarnated on this planet at this time will be made clear to you.
So, make no mistake. Getting a cheaper version of something as sacred as your Numerology Blueprint will cheapen the opportunity to discover your true essence.
By investing in a document you can refer to and treasure and be inspired by for a lifetime, you’ll do yourself and the world the greatest favor. What is your Destiny? How are you to fulfill your Life Purpose? What inner gifts does your Soul Number reveal?
Answers to those questions and so much more will be answered when you order your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French

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