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you know, March 11th, 2011 was a terribly tragic day for Japan.


This disaster was beyond anyone's
imagination. Japan has only planned for earthquakes up to 7.9 magnitude. I
still can't fathom the incredible extent of the damage generated from the 8.9
earthquake and subsequent tsunami.


Japan is faced with a coastline
where houses are upon houses, where toxic debris is everywhere, where people
are stranded, where radioactive leaks are occurring, where extreme cold and a
non-existent infra-structure are hampering rescues – it is a disaster that you
can't even wrap your head around.


Meanwhile large aftershocks continue
and will continue for months and even years.


Japan is going through a


The horrific events unfolding in
Japan can be seen in this country's numbers and the Universal cycles we are ALL


2011 is indeed a time to wake up.


This month, the universal numbers
are 7, 4 and 11.


2011 is a 4 Universal Year.

It is the 11th Year of
the century.

March is a 7 Universal Month.


4 symbolizes physical
manifestation and the planet Earth.


In physical reality, 11 symbolizes
either balance or division. This number even LOOKS like a visible fault line,
as I explained in my video forecast for 2011.


7 symbolizes a lightning strike –
sudden, unforeseen events.


The earthquake occurred on March
11, 2011. So two 11s are activated on that date. They symbolize the fissure.


The biggest holiday in Japan is
celebrated on February 11.


The name ‘Japan' adds up to 16/7
in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.


Japan imperial seal.png

The Imperial Seal for Japan
contains 16/7 Petals.


The native name for Japan is
‘Nippon' – which adds up to 34/7.


Just these numbers alone show that
Japan is prone to unforeseen, sudden events that can bring the country to its
knees. 16/7 signifies ‘a person or entity with a crown on his or her head being
struck by lightning and falling from a high place.'


Important to note: the number 11
also symbolizes electricity – and thus ties into electricity generated by
nuclear power. Any person who has a major 11 in his or her Personal Numerology
Blueprint MUST exercise daily in order to transmute and release the electrical
and nervous energy in their bodies.


So, what concerns me about the
unfolding nuclear crisis is that the 11 is so pronounced, both in the birth
numbers for Japan and the double 11 date of the earthquake and tsunami.


There are three other numbers to
look at.


The earthquake struck at 2:46 pm
local time. 2+4+6 = 12.


japan nuclear power plant.png

Yesterday, March 12, an explosion
occurred at one of Japan's already damaged major nuclear reactors – and it was
yesterday that the nuclear meltdown story became number one for everyone.


12/3 is the ‘Victim' number. 3
carries the meaning of Perfection. The world must watch this situation closely.


The earthquake measured 8.9 on the
Richter scale according to the USGS – a number which adds up to 17/8. 17 is the Immortality number. No one would argue that the earthquake and tsunami will be
remembered forever.


Today it is reported that Japan's
Meterological Agency just upgraded the quake from 8.9 to 9.0.


3.11.2011 adds up to 9. Number 9,
the ‘King of Numbers' signifies culmination and endings.


The massive emotional and physical
trauma experienced in Japan is truly heartbreaking. It is imperative the rest
of the world remain strong, balanced, grounded and not succumb to fear. The
power within each one of us is the key to keeping life on Earth in balance.


I am only watching a minimum of
news coverage. Yes, it is important to stay informed – as long as you keep you
mind clear and your emotions balanced.


In 2011 – turn to others, and do
not isolate yourself. When you feel divided, look inside for answers and you
will know what you need to do to feel peace and calm. Do this with double
creativity and double courage.


My heart goes out to all who are
affected by the crisis unfolding in Japan.


May all of us envelop Japan and
its people with healing energy, courage, love and power. May the world come
together in a spirit of compassion and strength.

Let us focus on healing –
however the healing needs to happen.


With Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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