Cave Tube 1The powerful Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse a few hours ago is a real reminder of how we need to experience both light and dark in our lives to dive fully into our mission and explore our SOUL to the greatest extent possible.

It reminded me of one of my two favorite adventures in Belize earlier this month.

This adventure into the underworld was a sacred experience… as Clara and I were guided on a gentle river… delighting at first in a beautiful day filled with the sun and gorgeous bounty of the jungle that lined the lazy river, and then floating magically into the darkness of an underground cave.

How profound the juxtaposition of light and dark was!

First the sounds of nature – birds and insects and flowing water – quieted down to a silent murmur as only distant underground rapids could be heard.

Darkness enveloped us. Our headlamps were our only navigation tool…

Then, even that light was removed as our guide Axel asked the nine of us to turn off our headlamps…

That experience alone, with our trust placed in our guide to navigate us in the darkness, with only the mysterious sounds penetrating our consciousness – that was an indescribable series of moments.

We experienced the profound connection of our souls in that cave.

Swimming in the underground river, floating on our tubes, hiking through the majestic caves with glimpses of ancient Mayan artifacts and magnificent stalactites and stalagmites surrounding us – it felt like moving through a birth canal…

Taking away all available light completely at one point, our guide provided the ultimate experience of stillness – utter black darkness.

I closed my eyes…

I opened them…

The same darkness pervaded the space!

There was NO difference.

I’ve rarely experienced such profound serenity and wonder.

The underground temple of that cave tubing experience will be forever embedded in my heart’s memory.

I came face to face with utter black, emptiness.

The great void.

And it didn't frighten me. As I discovered later, Clara had a profound spiritual experience in that darkness…

Dark is where light is born.

Cave Tube 2This is why darkness is as vital to life as is light!

Shutting out one in favor of the other puts you out of balance, out of equilibrium.

The Full Moon is designed to bring dark and light, feminine and masculine into balance. A full moon eclipse is a profound reminder of BOTH light and dark, present at ONE instant creates tremendous internal shifts.

The unification of Light and Dark merges Earth and Sky.

It balances Life and Death, the eternal cycles of nature.

Acknowledge the softness and the hardness, the masculine and feminine, acknowledge and embrace ALL aspects of you.

That is the perfect balance of yin and yang.

Here's to the Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse blessing your life with a deep, blissful awakening – above AND below the horizon of your life!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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