david letterman sarah palin.jpgI have a very important announcement about my upcoming coaching seminar in Sedona next month.

Let's look at the Letterman-Palin story first.

David Letterman and Sarah Palin have one thing in common – the number 12 – and that's pretty much all they share with each other.

Sarah Palin has a 12 current name and Letterman was born on the 12th. Since this number can indicate being a victim or victimizer, it's no surprise to me that the recent spat between these two directly tapped into this quality.

On top of that, Letterman has a triple 10/1 in his birth blueprint.

This makes him super ambitious, original, highly creative and independent. A triple 10/1 gives him a quick mind and the ability to manifest thoughts and actions with lightning speed. On the flipside, he can also be controlling and egotistical.

Let's add his name ‘David Letterman' to the equation and a picture of a very complicated, brilliant man emerges.

That's because his name adds up to 13/4 – the genius number. He's definitely out-of-the-box in his monologues and prides himself on his unique and sarcastic sense of humor.

But a 13/4 current name also brings obstacles. It's a very powerful  number. If this power is used for selfish reasons, life can get challenging.

There's also a warning of the unknown and unexpected with the number 13 names. Since comedians thrive on surprising their audiences, this can be a plus on the one hand and a challenge when it comes to his life.

As for Sarah Palin, her 12 current name will place her in situations where she keeps feeling like a victim. When people with 12s – like Letterman and Palin interact, sparks can fly.

Both also happen to be in more emotional Personal Cycles this year, so their emotions may get stirred up more than usual in 2009.

Letterman has to be careful. 2009 is an 18/9 Personal Year for him. This means he needs to watch his health and get his environment in order. 9 cycles will always ask you to do a major spring cleaning in every part of your life.

He also must guard against achieving power by using divisive tactics.

That may be hard for someone like Letterman who thrives on edgy, no-holds-barred humor. But this year he has to watch it – especially when he really doesn't care for someone, like Sarah Palin. His emotions can override reason.

Palin too is experiencing a more emotional cycle in 2009 – she's in a 15/6 year. 15/6 symbolizes all issues related to home and family and explains why this recent story touched on sensitive family issues.

Both Palin and Letterman would benefit greatly from a slight respelling of their names.

Now for the exciting news.

Last week my coaching seminar sold out with every allotted seat filled. In the last few days people have asked how they can get into the seminar next month.

I had my assistant call the hotel to see whether it was possible to add more people to our meeting space. The answer happily is – YES.

So I've re-released 10 seats. After these 10 spots are filled, we'll place you on the waiting list.

When you come to Sedona you are going to have an unforgettable weekend. I will be sharing my life and work, my secrets and discoveries with you.

I may not be doing this again. That's why I'm opening up the doors one more time.

So be sure you register Now.

I look forward to seeing you in Sedona.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. After you leave the Triple Platinum Numbers System coaching seminar you will have made lifetime friendships with people who support you and inspire you. Watch the video about the seminar now.

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