I woke up to blowing snow and a minus 1 windchill this morning. Pretty frigid for Asheville, so I’m enjoying the winter white scene while it lasts.
It’s day 2 of 2008, which means we have 365 days left. Yes, a full year by all accounts. If you’re not aware yet, we’re in a leap year. And that’s a good thing, because it gives you an extra 24 hours to get your action plan in line.
Whereas 2007 was a universal year of wrapping up old business, planning and letting go of emotional blocks, 2008 is a universal year of action, beginnings and manifesting your original ideas.
The 8 in 2008 gives this special year a specific focus on creating wealth and prosperity.
Make sure your goals key in on projects that excite your creative juices. Set the bar high enough to challenge yourself and not so high that you feel frustrated and give up before the first month is over.
Most of all, include an overall goal of how to make more money in 2008. Use the powerful creative forces available to you this year. Creativity is represented by the number 1, and in a 10 year it is manifested more effortlessly than ever. Money flows to you as a result of creative ideas made manifest.
A 1 universal year sets the tone for the next 9 years. You can literally jump into and sail on the river of abundance this year.
I can’t tell you how many of many of my clients feel good about what 2008 will bring. Never before have so many of them said how happy they were about starting a New Year. They are welcoming the chance to create a better life for themselves.
All of us can advantage of the 2008 vibration and utilize its tremendous power for prosperity.
A couple of additional details about 2008:
The 2 in 2008 represents balance. Turn the 8 on its side and you also get the picture of a scale representing balance as well as the symbol of infinity. So balance imparts strength, stamina, and endless opportunities.
8 also symbolizes a spiral. Planets orbit in a spiral. But did you know that if you get lost and blindfolds are placed over your eyes, you too will walk around in spirals. That goes for animals as well. Place the same blindfold on a swimmer, pilot or driver and they will create the same spiral – the figure 8. So moving in an 8 spiral is a universal and natural phenomenon of all LIFE.
Add 2 plus 0 plus 0 plus 8 and you get 10.
10 is the number of Instant Manifestation. So you can see why coupling the 2 – relationships, peace and balance with the 8 – abundance and power resulting in a 10 – manifestation results in a mega powerful year.
Let’s not forget, we have the double zero as well. Anytime you have even one 0 it doubles the quality of the other number. Such as in 30 or 60.
Two zeroes and you have quadruple the power. Notice the double 00 look like a pair of eyes too. This is quite significant. SEEING your goals in living color BEFORE you have reached them will help you immensely in manifesting them faster, especially in 2008.
Knowing WHAT specifically to focus on for the next 365 days is immensely important. For your specific answer to that question get your Personal 2008 Blueprint today.
Wishing you a Great 2008,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. By now you know never to underestimate the significance numbers have on your life. Your name and day of birth contain your personal numbers – the secrets of your Destiny. Read about your life story by getting your 24-27 page Personal Numerology Blueprint today.

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