Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 9.12.41 AMToday I want to look at two women who recently passed away – best-selling self-help author Debbie Ford on February 17 and actress Bonnie Franklin on March 1.

Both had last names beginning with the letter F.

F faces to the right – the future – a forward moving letter of love and compassion. Even the words Forward and Future begin with F!

Debbie Ford was certainly a positive, future-oriented soul. She would not let anyone or any idea stand in her way. A powerful force for good, Ford epidomized clearing our past to make room for our soul’s true journey.

Ford created this timeless acronym for DENIAL:

“Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying”.

She continues, “We only fear feedback if we know on some level that we’ve been lying to ourselves.”

She was a true teacher and visionary and will be missed.

Both Debbie and Bonnie were Fun and Funny. In fact, Franklin’s sunny nature is revealed in her first name “Bonnie”.

Numbers of important dates share powerful messages.

Let’s look at the numbers’ code activated on the day each lady passed on to another realm.

For Debbie Ford it was a 7 Personal Year of rest and going within – exactly what she is known for. February for her was a 9 Personal Month signifying culmination and endings.

Amazingly February 17, a 17 Universal Day, was ALSO a 17 Personal Day for Ford.

17 is the Immortality number!

This shows for sure Ford’s work and books leave a legacy behind.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 9.14.39 AMBonnie Franklin also activated the number 17. March 1 it was a 17/8 Personal Day for Franklin. Also, the 1 indicated she was ready for a fresh start.

She was in a 13/4 Personal Year symbolizing a profound experience with Life, Death and Transformation.

The month of March resonated to 16/7 for Bonnie. This number carries significance for her. Franklin’s Life Purpose Number is 25 which also reduces to 7.

And her current name “Bonnie Franklin” adds up to a challenging 16/7 – which was triggered in March.

As for Debbie Ford, her singular enthusiasm and energy is clearly apparent in her Pythagorean Planes of Expression Chart. Her birthday code – 10.1.1955 – reveals her strong focus and drive. All her birthday numbers lie in a diagonal sweep, which I refer to as the “Indicator of Dedication and Determination”.

The numbers show she clearly was dedicated and determined in her soul’s purpose.

Both Bonnie and Debbie leave us with a feeling of joy. They would want us to have Fun!

By opening their souls and revealing their gifts, these two souls showed tremendous courage and made this world a better place.

May Debbie and Bonnie feel peace, love and laughter as they continue on their future journeys.


Tania Gabrielle

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