A world-class,
genius quality athlete. So driven to succeed, he was accused of taking drugs.


This morning I was going to write to you about Lance
Armstrong and tennis prodigy Martina Hingis. Lance was to be the shining
knight, and Martina the athlete who's currently under a suspicion of having
taken cocaine to boost her confidence.


That was before I tuned into Lance's numbers. What I found
abruptly changed my mind.

I instantly thought, ‘Forget about Martina. I'll leave
her story for another time. Focus on Lance.'


Armstrong won the Tour de France, cycling's most prestigious
race, seven consecutive times from 1999-2005. What makes this incredible feat
more amazing is that he battled and won an even more dramatic fight in 1996.
Having been diagnosed with testicular cancer, which spread to his brain and
lungs, Armstrong's treatments included brain and testicular surgery and
extensive chemotherapy.


So how did he do it? And, more importantly – did he win
without the help of performance enhancing drugs?


Let me be clear before I answer. What you're about to read
is my simple opinion based on what I gathered on Lance and his numbers. My
conclusions are exactly that – MY conclusions. They do NOT have to be yours.


So here it goes. On the record.


I believe Lance Armstrong DID take performance enhancing


My first tip-offs were the numbers of his current name and
day of birth. Once I created his full Personal Numerology Blueprint

– I got the full story on this legend.


Lance's birth name is Lance Edward Gunderson.


Lance's incredible drive,
urgency to lead, and his desire to ONLY be SEEN as Number 1 are reflected to a tee
in his blueprint.


Lance has a 9 Life Purpose and
a 9 Destiny. This Double 9 makes him overconfident, often critical of others
and gives him a strong sense of ‘I can do no wrong – I am invincible.' It also
gives him a desire to help others through his leadership. The Double 9 surely
helped him beat his cancer, because, along with his 8 Soul Number and 1
Personality, Lance will always want to come out on top – no matter what it


When it comes to winning the
war against cancer, this kind of drive and determination is admirable. It only
involves Lance – winning an internal battle.


However, when the same
‘winning at all cost' attitude is applied to sports – well, it can mean
crossing the line in order to boost the body to superhuman feats of strength.
This attitude is summed up by Armstrong when he said, ‘
A boo is a
lot louder than a cheer, if you have 10 people cheering and one person booing,
all you hear is the booing.'


He wanted everything to be


My suspicions about Lance
cemented further once I saw his day of birth and current name numbers. The
combo of 18 and 12 isn't exactly a good one – especially in terms of how it
affects his underlying motive.


One of the main difficulties a
person with an 18 day of birth will encounter is achieving power and position
by using divisive tactics. In other words, an 18 day of birth indicates a
tendency to favor money and fame and use it to destroy the spirit. It warns of
treachery from ‘friends' and enemies. Extreme care is needed to meet the challenges
of this number.


Another sign of the 18 is
bitter family quarrels. Lance's mom was divorced 4 times, and he has vowed
never to meet his birth father. Additionally, he considers his stepfather,
after whom he is named, deceitful.


If anything, his 18 day of
birth requires that he have a super fortunate name to balance out the negative
energy. Lance Armstrong's 12 name doesn't fit the bill. 12 is the Sacrifice and
Victim Number.


Interestingly, some highly
successful people have a 12 name. What this often indicates is that they are
sacrificing one part of their life for success Secondly, they feel victimized.
Take Al Gore, for example. His name adds up to a 12. He sacrificed his drive to
lead when he became subservient to Bill Clinton, and felt victimized in the
2002 election.


Lance's sacrifice and victim
issues won't be played out in public – at least not yet. Eventually we'll hear
the truth.


Consider this. After initially
considering calls to run for Governor in Texas in the future, Lance changed his
mind. I believe one reason Lance is not entering politics is because his life
would be exposed to the scrutiny of reporters on a worldwide stage.


I am not taking anything away
from Armstrong's incredible will to overcome tremendous obstacles.


What we have to remember is
this. Lance knows most of the cyclists in the Tour de France take drugs. He
knew, in order to beat them, he'd have to join them. In a perfect world with no
drugs, a drug-free Armstrong most likely would have won seven consecutive races
against his drug-free competitors.


Sad thing is, we'll never


I began today wanting to write
a story of a remarkable man. I still feel he has much to teach us about mental
focus and inner drive. However, I for one do not believe Lance Armstrong never
took performance-enhancing drugs to achieve his lofty goals.


Both his numbers and my
intuition pointed to the same conclusion.


With Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Your Personal Numerology
includes the “Is My Name Fortunate?” report as a free gift.

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