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Today I want to share an email I
recently received.


It's a pretty amazing story on how
the number 13 was activated recently for a boy in the U.K.


‘Dear Tania,


‘Did you read the story about a
13 yr old boy in England who was struck by lightning on August 13 at 13.13 pm!
I forgot to save the article and mail to you, but just find it so fascinating
how numbers are our lives. 


‘The fact that the headline said '13
yr old Boy struck by lightening on 8/13 at 13:13 pm – Odd' – but the good news
is more and more of our collective consciousness is waking up to the mystery
and significance of numbers. He had a mild burn to his shoulder and was
released in good condition the next day – amen.


‘I love learning about numbers
through your gifted knowledge, you make it very easy to understand.'


Love and light,

Connie H.


for sending this, Connie. That is quite a story. Wish I knew the name of that
boy. I am sure it would reveal even more.


a number appears in your life, it is a symbolic message. When it is doubled or
tripled up like it was for this 13-year-old boy, the message is even more important.


pay attention to numbers that exactly match one of your important birth numbers
or your current age.


example, if your Life Purpose Number is 29/11 and September 2010 is a 29/11
Personal Month for you, or you have a meeting on the 29th of ANY month
– the energy will be more potent, active and intense during that time. In this
case, study your birth blueprint to understand the meaning of the 29/11 and how
it will be affecting you.


Or, let's
say your Destiny Number is 73/10/1.


notice the number 10 appearing in your life in a cycle, on a billboard, a
clock, a news report, a book. Pay
attention. Especially concerning all areas of your work and career because that
is what your Destiny Number represents.


never forget the power of your current name. Here is what one client wrote to
me a few weeks ago –



‘I just want you to know that
since I have been spelling my name different, as you suggested, things have
gotten a lot more fortunate for me.  It has made a big difference for me.
 I would recommend that everyone look at their names and find the most
fortunate spelling
.  It's easy to do and makes a wonderful difference.
 Thanks for your help in this matter.  It's been about 18 months and I
am still amazed at how it helps.'


Rebekka Dodge


That is wonderful to hear
Rebekka! And not surprising at all.


Your new name number, 42/6, is so
fortunate. I feel the same amazing results since changing my own name three
years ago.


Really, if there's just one thing
you do, be sure that your current name adds up to a fortunate frequency. It
will set the stage for HOW your birth blueprint is activated – positively or negatively.


Once you bypass the hurdle of a challenging
name vibration, life gets so much easier.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Only a handful of spots
remain for my October Seminar. If you are attracted to knowing how to ‘Scan
Your Life' – or anyone else's life – using just a birth name, current name and
birthday – then enroll NOW.

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