She won 5 Grammys last night, and was beamed in from London for her performance.
Amy Winehouse, the 24-year-old troubled singer, peformed her life-imitating-art songs ‘Rehab’ and ‘I’m No Good’ by satellite. She’s been in drug rehab since January 24. With her husband in jail on a case-tampering charge, and her own problems, you would have thought Winehouse was in a bad Personal Year.
Not so. As I just explained in an interview on wsRadio a few minutes ago, it’s her name that’s holding her captive, not her 24/6 year. 24 is a year of harvest for Winehouse, a year of reaping the seeds she’s sown in the past. It’s also a year where she receives respect from her peers. Plus, the 6 means, she’ll stand to gain financially.
Much of the 24 vibration as already come to pass. After all Amy won Best New Artist, Best New Song and Record of the Year at the Grammy’s last night.
Here’s what’s holding her back personally.
Winehouse has an 8 Life Purpose Number, which is a powerful vibration. However, her current name is a 4. This creates the classic 4 and 8 effect. Numerologists warn that these two numbers in combination often create fateful events and challengees. Not only that, Amy’s last name is ‘Winehouse’ – not the best choice for someone who is in drug rehab.
In order to transmute the problematic effect of having a 13/4 name in conjunction with her 8 Life Purpose, I recommend she respell it resulting in a helpful, fortunate number. This way, Amy can clear the way for a more calm and peaceful existence. Where she won’t feel the urge to reach out for drugs.
Funny, I get the feeling, she may be attached to the 13/4 vibration, at least right now.
Why do I say that. Because 13 is a genius number. Some might say this retro-soul singer is a genius – that everything about her is about breaking the orthodox. Of course, a genius can be troubled. What she needs to know is that her 13 name means shell have to watch for warnings of the unknown and unexpected. Upheaval is a metaphor for this name number, as we can clearly see.
Another Grammy, for best motion picture soundtrack, went to Michael Giacchino who composed the music for ‘Ratatouille.’ He’s a friend of my husband’s – in fact they’re currently recording Giacchino’s next big soundtrack in Hollywood.
Unlike with Amy Winehouse, Giacchino’s name is golden. The number he has is 33/6, giving him an extraordinary original and creative mind. If you’ve heard the soundtracks for Ratatouille, The Incredibles, as well as Lost and Alias, you know this to be true. Clay has led the orchestra for all of them and says the joy of working for Michael is unsurpassed.
Giacchino’s name number also carries great promises for financial success. This is an example of a current name which brings many rewards. Look out for him at the Oscars later this month.
If there is one thing to remember about numerology it is this. The name you have today, the name on your correspondence, credit cards and bank account, the name people know you by is the KEY to fulfilling your Destiny. Unlike astrology, you have the power to alter the spelling of your name, if need be.
Your Personal Numerology Blueprint covers all the bases – be certain your most important calling card, your Name, adds up to a fortunate number.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Speaking of the Grammys – you may not know this, but I’m also a composer. In fact, it is through music that I came across numerology. My music has been performed in the world’s greatest concert halls by Grammy-Award-winning artists. If you enjoy uplifting, positively-charged music, then check out my 5-CD package The Secret Power of Words and Music.

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