Have you ever felt like you wanted to share an exciting goal with a friend but pulled back right before talking about it in order to preserve your passionate secret?

You were intuiting that not everything can be shared.

Your new prosperity ideas and mindset are especially sacred. In fact, there are very few people I would share new spiritual and mental approaches to abundance with.

Why? Because I know I would break the sacred connection.

If you are creating breakthroughs in your abundance mindset, the best thing to do is not tell anyone who is not on the same spiritual path.

Only share these with friends or mentors who are on the same frequency as you or resonating to an even higher plateau of joy and abundance. Otherwise you will drain all the power building up within and around you.

Especially now during our big 12.21.2012 transition, keep your spiritual abundance ‘Aha!’ moments secret.

This is absolutely essential.

Any secrets you share on this high level should be enhanced and multiplied by the experience of sharing. If you are just talking to let friends know what’s up with you, you can get zapped pretty quickly.

Ask yourself: In the act of sharing, are you concentrating on the result of having more abundance, money, success — or are you focusing on where abundance comes from?

There is a big difference.

One is a spiritual experience of abundance. The other is a separation from Source.

It’s easy to get caught in the web of Effect (money) before focusing solely on the Cause (Spirit manifesting as abundance).

Just focus within – be conscious of your inner resources.

These resources ARE your supply of Abundance!

So before you share your exciting, spiritual truths on creating abundance, check in with your gut feeling – is it ok to share?

This is a BIG prosperity secret.

**Next Wednesday, on 12.12.12, I’ll be sending you a special video on how to enhance your experience of the quantum shift on 12.21.2012.

I’ll demystify the extraordinary numbers code for that special moment in time (it is an AMAZING astro-numerology lineup!) – and will guide you through it step by step.

It’s all preparation for 2013 – the year of abundance!

Until then, begin your own inner shift right NOW by discovering the secrets of your unique personal abundance code.

Go to: http://taniagabrielle.com/abundance-blueprint

Love and Abundance,


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