Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 10.44.27 AMHas your life slowed down in the past week or so? This Mercury retrograde in Pisces has been asking us to relax, rest and review.

I’ve certainly felt it in my life, with my daughter home sick for over a week, and friends and clients confirming the ‘slow down’ of energy every day.

Since March is also a 9 Universal Month, we are releasing, regenerating and renewing anyways.

All in all, the energy has asked us to turn inward.

Today the energy begins to shift, as the number 11 activates twice during a Pisces New Moon.

It is the 11th of March.

3.11.2013 adds up to an 11 Universal Date.

This ‘Master Number’ resembles a portal – a gateway indicating a new direction into the unknown.

If you stall and avoid walking forward through the gateway, you’ll feel a sense of incompletion and division.

11 is made up of two 1s, signifying double new beginnings.

Today also brings the Pisces New Moon – signifying a new cycle.

Dream up new ventures. Even with Mercury retrograde for another week, you can go within and make new plans. This Pisces New Moon is very powerful. It is giving you permission to DREAM!

Envision what makes you happy. Dream, feel and taste the abundance that is rightfully yours. What you feel, what you think is manifesting right now.

What are you choosing to focus on today? That is always the question in number 11.

Are you choosing to think about what’s not working in your life?

Or, are you patiently and lovingly devoting time to nurturing your dreams?

Engage your heart in all your decisions.

Pisces is watery and emotional. So is March with its 9 energy of unconditional love and release.

Once we reach the end of March and especially the month of April – a 1 Universal Month – it will be a great time to implement the plans and dreams you envision NOW.

Use the deeply personal message in your Abundance Blueprint to inspire you!

On this double 11 Day of decisions, discover your soul’s secret numbers code – a code that demystifies and reveals your personal roadmap to abundance.

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Dream Big!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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