Have you noticed the intensity of feeling this month. I certainly have.

The 9th month of every year doubles your current Pesonal Year Number. This also goes for the Universal Year Number, 2008/10/1.

The world is experiencing a 1 Universal Year and 1 Universal Month right now. 1 is about career, being ‘number 1', the ego, originality and creativity.

When you dig a little deeper you see that 2008 adds up to 10/1 and September to 19/10/1. This 10 is also highly significant.

10 symbolizes Instant Manifestation. Good or bad.

Have you noticed how fast things are moving. The events on Wall Street and in politics are changing so rapidly they almost feel out of control. More on the NY Stock Exchange in a moment.

Combining the 10 and 1 in a 2008 Universal Year means two things. First, these are Action Numbers. And they Will act on our collective thoughts and expectations. Secondly the 2 and 8 guarantee both political diplomacy and finances will be affected. Again, Instant Manifestation means the effects will happen fast.

In other words, the double dose of 10 and 1 makes September 2008 dramatic and decisive.  

Consider too that we have now truly entered the new 9-year cycle full throttle. In January 2008 the world began its first 9-year cycle of the 21st century. And this month things really began rolling.

Old, familiar ways of doing things may appear to be collapsing all around you. The world is at a threshold of a new beginning. We are now moving full steam into the new century. And so old, useless ways of running the world, financial and otherwise, are being transformed. The 20th century way of doing thing is going through an overhaul.

Keep in mind from September through December and into 2009, expect the unexpected.

The current downtown in global financial markets is no exception.

One of our close friends, an expert in all things Wall Street, told us financial markets are like one big heart and brain. They respond to our expectations and feelings. When fear and worry about monee is the norm, the markets have no way but to go down. The reverse is also true. Confidence is the ultimate wealth builder.

So I decided to look at the numbers for the New York Stock Exchange. Yes, the NYSE has a birthday – May 17, 1792.

This means in 2008 the NYSE is in a 5 year of sudden reversals and change. Remember, we're in September, so it's also a 5 Month for the NYSE.

Plus today is September 17, an 8 Day. A direct connection to the NYSE 17 Day of Birth. Since the Personal Day for the NYSE is 31/4, the fateful 4 and 8 connection is activated. Note that 31 is also the Genius Number, it will take brilliant ideas to navigate the stock exchange.

Combine these Personal cycles for the NYSE with this month's universal cycles. Remember we're in the Double 10/1 Universal Month of September.

What we have here is a potent recipe – sudden double change, double instant manifestation and the fateful 8 and 4 activation. For the NYSE this means things are explosive. And it doesn't end today.

Look for even more drama in December when the NYSE experiences a 26/8 Personal Month. During a 13/4 Universal Month.

As for you, this Universal 10/1 Year indicates a new beginning. No matter where you are in your own Personal cycles, the world is going through a transformation. No one can deny that.

Many will be able to glide effortlessly through the coming changes. Others will remain stuck with old patterns and resist the inevitable.

One way to assure your old patterns don't repeat again is to have the support of a good name. Your current name is like a ship. A challenging life indicates your ship is rudderless and vulnerable while you try to navigate turbulent seas.

Contrast that with a good, strong, fortunate current name. It removes obstacles, strengthens your resolve and brings unexpected windfalls.

Why. Because the fortunate number supports and activates your destiny. A fortunate name is an investment in a lifetime. It allows you to captain your ship no matter what the weather is.

So be sure to get your Is My Name Fortunate report now.

Or receive the report as a gift with your Personal Numerology Blueprint

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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