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Every day another strange and unpredictable story makes news


In the last week we've heard about
the sudden death of Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette's 55 year-old
mother 2 days before the biggest moment in her life, Dick Cheney's fifth heart
attack, a killer whale attack, and another major snowstorm in the Eastern U.S.


The war of words between Iran and
Israel is rising.

And in the last hour, a 7.0 earthquake struck near Okinawa, Japan.

In the Olympics, skier Lindsey
Vonn broke a finger on Wednesday. She skied right before Julia Mancuso, the
reigning Olympic champion and prevented her from repeating as gold medalist in
her best event.


Then the second slalom run was
canceled due to weather.


Julia came back the next and got
the silver. Unpredictable events make for great drama in the Olympics.


But unpredictability can attract
emotional turmoil as well.


The universal numbers this year –
especially in combination with the 2010 personal cycles for certain countries –
explain why there's a current build-up of tension. I will be explaining this
recipe in great detail a week from now at my ‘Secrets and Mysteries' seminar.


What's wonderful is this – these numbers
are FANTASTIC opportunities for breakthroughs.


It's easier than ever before to RELEASE
negative habits and thought patterns.


When the planet shifts, WE shift
internally as well. The opportunity for release and creative rebirth is at an
all time high.


2010 is a 3 Universal Year of
perfection, creativity, joy – as well as drama, unpredictability, and
distraction. Choose to bypass the emotional side of this number by standing in
the eye of the hurricane all year long.


Pay attention to any signs, large
or small, that are appearing in front of you right now.


Surround yourself by the color
violet. This will protect you.


And be sure to understand the
numbers in your own current personal cycles.


Your Personal Year and Month give
you incredible insights into how best to focus your energies all year long. Find
out how you can channel the excitement – and remain calm amidst the inevitable
drama in 2010.


Your Next 12 Months' report is
your guide to freedom.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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