Two perspectives today on number 16 – one from Eckhart Tolle and the other on how this number affects the election.

Eckhart Tolle, whose book ‘The Power of Now' is an international bestseller, gained immense publicity earlier this year when he appeared with Oprah in 10 online classes.

Oprah loves his books. The online classes caused a stampede for his latest work ‘A New Earth.'

It was no surprise to me to discover Tolle happens to be in a really wonderful Personal Year right now. In 2008 he began a brand new 9-year cycle. Everything that happened previously to this year helped him get to this pivotal event with Oprah.

He's in a 19/10/1 Personal Year. Notice 19 reduces to 10 first – the Instant Manifestation Number. And the 1 indicates the beginning of his next 9 years.

19 Personal Years often indicate major shifts. Usually these shifts are incredibly positive. Many obstacles can be overcome in a 19 cycle. Since the number 1 is related to an original mind, Eckart's original approach to correct thinking is activated powerfully in a 1 year, since 1-5-7 are the Mind Numbers.

Now what about that 16? Tolle is born on a 16/7 day. This shows me he'll have major shifts in his life. Lightning bolts of wisdom – and sudden, challenging events.

The 7 imparts a wise and wonderful intuitive sense. And his 31/4 Life Purpose includes the influence of genius. This ‘out of the box' thinking is often not supported by mainstream society. So it's no wonder Tolle had no formal education from age 13-19 while living in England. He called school a ‘hostile environment.' Think ‘Lord of the Flies.'

At age 29/11, after suffering long bouts of depression, Tolle had what he calls an ‘inner transformation.'

This kind of spiritual experience is certainly in line with a 16/7 Day of birth and 31/4 Life Purpose. They are both unusual numbers to begin with. Together a 16 and 31 combo can cause some mighty and transformative fireworks.

As for how the 16/7 affects the upcoming Presidential Election, let's turn to Wall Street one more time. Changes in the economy have shocked the world. Election date adds up to 16/7. Thus, the economy and oil will have a great affect on how people vote in three weeks.

After Friday's wild ride on the stock exchanges I made a point to turn on CNBC and Bloomberg for a few minutes following the closing numbers.

Had to be quick and grab my pen – because, to my surprise more 7s (and 11s) emerged from Friday's events.

The number 7 is definitely in conversation with us right now.

The first and last hour in Friday's trading are a case in point. In the first hour the Dow fell as low as 7882, a number which adds to 25/7.

In the last hour of trading, the Dow reversed course 16 times. This kind of erratic behavior has never happened before. 16 of course reduces to 7 and ties the economy to Election Day.

And in between the Dow was down more than 700 points.The number 11 appeared again at the closing bell – down 128.00 points which equals 11.

Multiple 7s and the 11 emerged in Friday's oil prices as well.

Light, sweet crude oil for November delivery ended the day 8.89 lower at $77.70 a barrel. Notice that even 8.89 reducest to 25/7.

And the 7 7 7 ties directly into the 777 drop on Wall Street on Monday, September 29/11.

Oil has dropped 47/11 percent since hitting a record $147.27 on July 11. Again, we see the 7 and 11 as well as the 4 tying again into election day.

Oil, of course, is directly connected to this story on Wall Street and who you might vote for three weeks from today. The fact that November's Election is on a date which adds up to 16/7, takes place on the 4th in the 11th month makes these numbers even more potent and fascinating.

Finally, 7 7 7 add up to 21/3. Representing our new 21st Century.

So the changes people are voting for on November 4 – from local to capitol hill replacements to Presidential – will reflect how we chart our course at the beginning of this new millennium.

As for what exactly these events may be – no one really knows.

Numbers will give you clues and trends. But happily we are the ones who decide HOW the numbers activate. All I can say for sure it this.

All I can guarantee is that 16/7 will make it exciting, controversial and transformational.

One thing is certain. 16, a number of sudden events, is not a number you want for your current name. Like John Edwards does.

So be sure your current name isn't causing you unnecessary challenges. Go to

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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