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We hear this week that Tiger Woods
and Elin Nordegren officially divorced on Monday.


As I wrote last year, their
numbers are not compatible, so this is no surprise. In fact, I am not quite
sure what kept them together for this long. They don't have any category in
Harmony – not a good sign in a marriage.


Elin is in a 5 Personal Year of
changes and shifts. 5 represents a pivot point. It lies right in the middle of
numbers 1 through 9.


5 cycles are very active,
exciting, nerve-wracking and transformative – always prompting you to make
Changes. This number is fast moving and wants you to take risks.


Notice that the divorce was
finalized on the 23rd, a 5 Day.


Tiger's 9 Personal Year means he
is experiencing a cycle of culminations and endings. It also directly activates
his Destiny Number – 72/9.


Both these numbers – 5 and 9 –
signify major transitions.


But what about her new name?


Now Elin is officially known as
‘Elin Nordegren', a name that adds up to a challenging frequency – 16/7. So
Elin will continue to attract obstacles into her life.


There is an easy fix for her


I recommend that she change the
spelling to ‘Ellin Nordegren.'


It resonates to the highly
fortunate 19/10/1. 19 symbolizes victory over all disappointments and temporary
failure. It attracts success in all ventures and your personal life.


Also, the double ‘L' in Ellin
would bring her protection.


Interestingly, Elin Nordegren's
identical twin sister ‘Josefin Nordegren', who is a lawyer in London, has a
highly fortunate 14/5 current name.


When you change your name, do it only
once you know the new spelling is supporting your new life.


The best way to check any name is
in your Is My Name Fortunate? report.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. The Fortunate Name report is
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