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When news came of Elizabeth
Taylor's death yesterday, it took me by surprise. Her legacy was so strong, for
some reason it seemed to me like she would keep living forever.


She enjoyed one of the longest
Hollywood careers – from the early 1940s until the end of the Vietnam War.


Her very soul captivated audiences
and commanded the screen.


Taylor's mesmerizing presence on
and off the screen is reflected in her current name and birth blueprint.


She was born on February 27, 1932.
Her birth name ‘Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor' adds up to 111 which reduces to 3.
Right away we can see that her 27/9 Day of Birth and 111/3 Destiny Number are
BOTH in the 3-6-9 category of Emotional Self Expression numbers – perfect for
an actress.


That 111 Destiny is truly
powerful. It symbolizes the triune perfection of father/son/spirit,
mother/father/child, superconscious-conscious-subconscious, body-mind-spirit, past-present-future.
The responsibilities are thus great – and not often easy.


Her Life Purpose Number, derived
from adding all the digits in her birthday, is another powerful frequency – 26/8.


She made 62/8 movies.


26 and 62 – a powerful reverse-mirror
of her Life.


8, 9 and 111 are ALL leadership
numbers. At the same time, Taylor's leading lady status was sealed because she also
brought the vulnerability and heart-to-heart connection of her emotional birth
numbers to her work on screen.


The greatest star of her time was
supported by a highly magnetic current name. It brought her both fortune and
hardship because of how it interacted with her birth numbers.


‘Elizabeth Taylor' resonates to
15/6, the number of the spiritual alchemist.


For Taylor, a 15/6 name is a
two-edged sword. On the one hand this number allows her to be irresistible,
enchanting, charismatic and eloquent. Her name attracts prosperity and the gift
to bring happiness to others.


No wonder Taylor was hailed as the
world's most beautiful woman in her day, plus lauded extensively for her magnetic,
mesmerizing performances on screen.


Yet for Taylor there were also
many challenges. Her tumultuous personal life and health-scares are well-known.
What is important to note is that her 15 current name carries the risk of
attracting dark magic, hypnosis or mental suggestion.


Here is why.


Elizabeth Taylor has a
26 Life Purpose – a number which adds up to 8. When you mix numbers 4 or 8 in a person's birthday
with a 15 current name, you run the risk of attracting lower levels of alchemy
– deception.


Yet, with the strength of her
other birth numbers, Taylor prevailed. Especially her 26/8 made her a survivor.
She was close to death so many times – yet kept on fighting.


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Taylor always loved to give back
in some capacity, and in the last decades of her life was known for her charity


Her 27/9 Day of Birth is the
Humanitarian Number. She raised more than 270,000,000 for AIDS charities.


Amazingly, the number 9 is also present
on each important angle of her astrological chart. Her Ascendent, Midheaven and
Descendent are all at 9 degrees. This shows, Taylor was born to share her gifts
and resources with others.


As always, the day someone passes
over carries tremendous symbolism about her life.


For Taylor, the message is complete
and clear.


In 2011 Elizabeth Taylor began a
15/6 Personal Year. This IS her current name number and ties into her 3 Destiny
and 9 Day of Birth – all are in the 3-6-9 Triad of Self Expression numbers.
Home, family, friends, compassion and her sheer magnetism are all reflected in
the 15/6. She will be remembered for her inner and outer beauty, her warm heart
and her magical presence.


March was an 18/9 Personal Month
for her, activating her 27/9 Day of Birth – the humanitarian spirit. 18 in a
cycle will put a focus on health issues, and Number 9, of course, is the final
number and indicates Culmination and Endings.


The 23rd of March
literally WAS a 23/5 Personal Day for Elizabeth Taylor. 23 symbolizes the Royal
Star of the Lion. And 5 is about the Media, crowds and freedom.


Finally, Elizabeth Taylor was born
at 2:11 am. She died in 2011.


Her numbers show, she completed
her life and work. May she continue to live in peace.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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