Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 10.18.39 AMThe formula for March 2013 is creating some intense numerology codes.

Today the number 13 gets activated in triplicate. Triple triggers for any number set up a strong current of energy.

— March 13 is a 13 Day.

— 3.13.2013 adds up to a 13 Universal Date.

— We are in 2013.

The actual word THIRTEEN contains several anagrams providing valuable clues about this number.

THREE is embedded – as is the number TEN.

Other anagrams in THIRTEEN are:









These words carry a message of movement, change, manifestation and decision-making – or lack thereof.

13 expresses the innate power to change your life at any given moment.

So many people have issues with empowerment and instead allow others to have power over them… hence the fear of number 13. Most do not welcome change, new perspectives, death and rebirth, transformation and new discoveries about themselves and others.

However, 2013 combines the number 13 with the number 6 (since 2+0+1+3 = 6 Universal Year). 6 enables us to FEEL our way back to our internal power source and take responsibility for our lives.

13 is made up of the number 1 as the original source which is merged with number 3 representing creation.

What makes 13 so powerful is that 1 + 3 equals 4.

4 is energy manifested into physical matter. 4 symbolizes planet Earth. 4 allows your thoughts and feelings to ground into physical reality.

This is how number 13 can be used as a source of power – YOUR inner power, or power over you

In 2013 it is time you take your power back. Why fear your own internal power source? Why fear your power to create your reality?

13 is a symbol of divinity.

Each of us has a spiritual power battery called our SOUL.

You are here to live your life the way your soul intended – as mapped out in your soul’s numbers code.

On this triple Day, manifest your power.

Trust your power to guide you – it is your source of abundance!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. 2013 is a 6 Year of Abundance – a perfect time to activate your personal Abundance Code. Discover the secrets in your “Abundance Blueprint” here.


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