Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.33.08 AMYour emotions are strongly activated right now.

Two days ago, Mercury went retrograde – in Scorpio.

It’s been a very emotional time so far, and the astro-numerology code explains why.

If you are communicating your feelings with confidence and authenticity, you are freeing up space for tremendous growth. At the same time, you may come face-to-face with tremendous resistance right now.

The numbers’ code for this retrograde is extremely charged.

Have a look at the Universal Chart at the exact moment Mercury stationed to go retrograde on October 21 – pay attention to the degree numbers:

–       Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, where Mercury is at 18/9 degrees, and Saturn at 12/3 degrees

–       Mercury in opposition to the Moon, where the Moon is at 27/9 degrees

–       Mercury and Saturn trine Jupiter, where Jupiter is at 20/2 degrees

–       Pluto and Mars trine each other, where Pluto is at 9 degrees and Mars at 3 degrees

–       …while Pluto and Uranus continue their 4-year dance and are nearly exactly square again at 9 degrees.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.31.39 AM

Nearly ALL the numbers for these planets at the moment Mercury turned retrograde are in the 3-6-9 Numerology Triad of emotional self expression and creativity!

Most people are not utilizing their creativity.

Instead people are spending hours surfing the web, watching TV or getting distracted in other ways. This disconnection with your soul results in emotional expression that is a re-action to events and people.

Being emotional re-active is the opposite of being creative.

Yet, when you do express your inner feelings and highest aspirations, you are releasing emotional blocks naturally!

Notice the number 2 is also activated with Jupiter.

2 Governs our relationships.

Relationships are always deeply emotional.

Relationships provide us with the grandest, most sacred opportunity to create and produce experiences that elevate our own soul.

Guard against looking for love by loving others. In other words, don’t give up ANY part of yourself in order to stay in a relationship.

First honor and value your life. You must see yourself as valuable and worthy and amazing BEFORE you can see another person in the same light. You must feel yourself as blessed, before you can feel blessed with another.

During this Mercury Retrograde pay attention to how you are feeling. Be completely, utterly honest to yourself and others about your feelings. Honor how you are being with yourself, in any given moment.

If the feeling is negative, please go ahead and feel it.

When you experience the feeling, you experience the release!

If you don’t experience the feeling, you will take it inward, where it festers and turns into a re-action to the universe (at the most unpredictable, inopportune moments!)

Life is giving you many opportunities right now to create your own reality. Out of every experience comes growth.

Base your decisions on the highest choice.

And on this 23/5 “Royal Star Of The Lion Day”, remember – your decisions determine your direction.

Movement is the song of the universe.

To support you in this marvelous journey, be sure you know your own personal numbers’ code.

All is revealed in your Personal Numerology Blueprint – a powerful document of your soul’s blueprint the moment you entered life on Earth.

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Caress every idea, every person, every experience with Love.

Dedicated to Your Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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