It’s time to let loose, relax your preconceived ideas about the future and enjoy a wild, creative day.

June 14, 2012 triggers two 5s and a 16/7. Wow!

What a time to be authentic and free.

To give you an idea of the energy today – think Donald Trump.

June 14th is his birthday. Amazingly, his full birth name adds up to 68, which also reduces to 14. So he’s a double dose of this magnetic number.

I call 14 the “Media Number”.

‘Angelina Jolie’ carries this number in her current name. Clearly number 14/5 naturally attracts attention. Lots of it!

So, take this wonderfully unpredictable and magnetic energy today and make a run for it.

Have fun!

Speaking of fun and games, during the summer of 2012 sport will be in the spotlight, especially with the Olympics in London beginning next month.

While living in London for three years in my twenties I would attend Wimbledon every summer. The excitement of being so close to the great tennis players of the time was sheer exhilaration.

I’ve always enjoyed the game of tennis and used to follow the Grand Slams pretty avidly. I remember years ago when Maria Sharapova made a huge splash becoming one of the youngest women ever to win a Grand Sla

Maria has it all – passion, power and beauty – a riveting package.

Her rise to the top lasted a few years and then injuries took over, as often is the case. She was counted out, just like the great Belgian tennis champion Kim Clijsters who returned after years of absence and the birth of a baby to win…

This past Saturday at the French Open in Paris, Maria Sharapova became champion once again.

What made her victory one for the record books is that Sharapova is now one of only 10 women who has ever won a career Grand Slam – meaning she has been champion of Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open and the U.S. Open at least once.

Remarkably for Maria, her comeback lasted 7 long years.

She worked and worked, pushed through the pain, gained confidence and persevered – and then the magic happened on June 9.

Was she supported in any other way? Yes!

Sharapova literally just began a whole new 9-year cycle on her birthday, April 19.

That Day she entered a 19/10/1 Personal Year. Notice her birthday is the 19th and her Personal Year is ALSO 19 right now. Hugely significant in numerology.

What makes it even more potent for Maria is that she just turned 25 (old for a woman in professional tennis).

Saturday’s Championship took place on a 25 Personal Day for Maria!

Here we have a triple activation of very important personal Numbers for Sharapova.

ANY time you begin a new 9-year cycle it ushers in a brand new set of circumstances, responsibilities and powerful urges to change.

In fact change is the keyword for a 1 Personal Year of new beginnings. And since Sharapova is born on a Day that reduces to the number 1, she not only resonates to her current cycle but has an inborn desire to BE Number 1 – a literal representation of her Day of Birth.

Oh, and on June 11, Maria’s ranking changed to Number 1…

Intensity of focus was absolutely necessary for Sharapova to reach the highest level of success again

You see, one of her three important birth numbers is a 3 – and 3s can easily dissipate energy by getting distracted, ungrounded and unfocused. This year, with the laser beam focus 1 energy to support her, Sharapova was able to transcend her distractions and was rewarded handsomely for her efforts.

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