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Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, one of the
original creators of Facebook, got some good news yesterday. His company is
worth more than eBay and Yahoo.


In fact it is worth more than
triple what it was in 2007.


social networking site has raised $500 million from Goldman Sachs and a
Russian investor in a deal that values Facebook at $50 billion.


is an internet giant, making it a huge force in the media.


now, Mark Zuckerberg is fully activating the Media number. In fact, he was born
to do Media.


fact, it isn't surprising that this windfall happened right now.


Keep in
mind that the media frequency is 14. And 1+4 reduces to the root number 5.


Zuckerberg was born on May 14.


May is
the 5th month of the year.


Life Purpose Number, derived from his full birthday, is 32 – which also reduces
to 5.


In 2011
Mark will be entering a 14/5 Personal Year.


now, in January 2011, he is in a 14/5 Personal Month.


important to note is that yesterday's good news came on a 16/7 Personal Day for
him. This activates his career or Destiny Number – 97/16/7.


current cycles are incredibly potent for him personally. Much change and
transformation are on the horizon for Mark.


It is
fitting that ALL of Zuckerberg's three important birth numbers are in the 1-5-7
Mind numerology triad. They are 14/5, 32/5 and 16/7. He is brilliant and he is
always moving – a born risk-taker who finds it challenging to rest.


He is
not afraid to take a fall – and fall he might, only to get up, brush off and
continue on a new adventure.


When a
person has all three important numbers in one triad, it means he or she often
discovers a passion early in life. The focus is magnified, and talents are
discovered early.


really helps Zuckerberg to implement his gifts is his current name.


Zuckerberg' resonates to 10/1 – the Instant Manifestation Number. A powerful
frequency that allows him to manifest his ideas and goals instantly.


Since 10
current names can manifest positive or negative, this number demands that you
place your full attention on positive, life-enhancing goals. Otherwise, you can
attract negative events and issues just as fast.


sure You carry around a Fortunate Name. It will support you throughout your





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