2013 is hours away.

2012, the pivot point year, is gone forever.

Now is a great time to give thanks for all the shifts you experienced in the last 12 months. As challenging as some of these moments were, they seeded a series of opportunities.

Next year you will be able to take the seeds germinated in 2012 and turn them into delectable fruits of abundance.

While you may just have an inkling as to how your abundance will unfold during the NEXT 12 months, know that the Divine Law of Abundance kicks in full force in January, 2013.

2 0 1 3  triggers one the most empowering codes in all of numerology.

To support you right at the beginning of 2013 when we transition into the Divine Law of Abundance, I am havinga special three-hour virtual event.

Best thing is, you can watch the online seminar from the comfort of your own home!

On January 15, 2013…

     1. See the unveiling of the 2-0-1-3 Code.

    2. Discover how you can implement this formula into your daily life.

    3. Get 2013 Forecasts for each sign of the zodiac.

    4. Learn powerful Abundance Action Steps to help you implement your goals.

    5. Preview the major Astro-Numerology planetary alignments of 2013.

    6. Plan your year knowing the secret timing of when the Divine Law of Abundance gets triggered in 2013

While 2012 was about shifting your perspective, 2013 is the year of opportunity. This is a moment in time when you can easily monetize your gifts.

In 2013 the Divine Law of Abundance is activated – within all of us.

Opportunity knocks – and you will want to enter through the powerful prosperity gateway.

That’s why I created the “How to Harness the Divine Law of Abundance in 2013” online virtual event.

To give you the tools, timing and truth to thrive and prosper!

Go here to refresh yourself on the stunning shift we all experienced on the winter solstice just 10 days ago. The heavens mapped out our future that day, and you can literally SEE how the sacred geometry in the skies point to abundance and joy!

Watch the profound message in this Quantum Shift video:

Then be SURE to register for “How to Harness the Divine Law of Abundance in 2013” – my three-hour virtual online seminar on January 15.

2012 shifted you. Now you can take those seeds and create fruits of abundance and joy.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I will ‘see’ you then!

Happy New Year!

Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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