joy and abundanceWhen the number 21 is activated, we connect deeply with the meaning of our 21st century.

In Ancient Egyptian numerology, 21 is about truth.

In Western Numerology 21 adds up to 3 and represents the triumph of joy and self expression.

On this Double 3 infused Day, clear out your worry about tomorrow. Take quiet time to center and breathe.

Engage your heart in something that fills you with joy.

When you feel happy and blessed, everything you do springs from being fulfilled. You do things because you ARE in a state of gratitude and feel blessed right now, as opposed to trying out things that you HOPE will make you happy.

The difference is – when you create from a present place of joy everything that spirals out from you is infused with happiness. However, when you're hoping a thing will make you happy, you are actually pronouncing you're LACK of fulfillment and happiness to the universe.

Either way, the universe naturally complies and brings more of the same.

Make a point of coming FROM joy.

Your vision, your perspective, your experience completely shifts.

In this 7 Universal Year, you’ll constantly be prompted to shift and change from the inside out.

The way to get there is not by doing something and hoping it will shift you into that place. Instead, express gratitude for being there now.

It’s your choice.

If you want to feel joy, BE happiness.

If you want to feel love, BE compassion.

If you want to be wise, BE wisdom.

And here’s the secret. You ARE all these things already. There is no need to look for it elsewhere.

It’s just a matter of accessing Who You Are.

Look within, into your heart and feel your amazingness.

How do you view your self? What is your assumption of others? When you come from a place of joy, you TRUST yourself. You assume others come from a place of goodness.

You feel blessed.

See all of life as a blessing. Much of life feels like a blessing in disguise – I know! So the art of living is to accept everything as a blessing. No exceptions!

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