Many powerful number sequences are
in play for the next three years.


It began with 2010, which
activated the numbers 0,1,2 and 3 – since 2010 adds up to 3.


This year we have the 0, 2, 11,
and 13/4 active. These are powerful manifestation numbers.


It is why 2011 literally means –
anything goes.


So, dates, names, ages, addresses
and personal cycles carry these number frequencies will have a much bigger
impact this year.


Today is 1.11.11 and it is a 7
Universal Day.


These numbers signify a visceral
electricity in the air. You may feel this as nervous tension, extra stress or a
feeling extra overwhelmed.


The main thing to focus on today
is bringing your life into balance from moment to moment.


Take deep, cleansing breaths.


Do your inner work – release old


Exercise. This is very important
on any day in which the 11 is activated. 11 acts as an antenna. This is why 11
also symbolizes double creativity. You will attract and download many ideas –
some helpful, some not. By moving your body physically, your insights will not
get stuck inside your body and cause stagnation.


If you have an 11 as one of your
three important birth numbers, daily exercise is critical to keeping you free
of nervous tension. It allows your immense creativity to flow and keeps you


11 is a very powerful Master
Number and will be felt throughout this 2011 Universal Year.


In 2011, the number 11 is coupled
with the number 4 – Manifestation and Grounding, Discipline and Patience, a
combination which creates an incredibly powerful dynamic and allows for your
thoughts to manifest instantly.


The negative side to these numbers
is apparent in news reports of bizarre incidents occurring in nature  right now.


Notice all the strange reports
lately of thousands of birds  falling
from the sky and fish dying – incidents happening  worldwide. This shows the Earth, symbolized by number 4,  is not in Balance, symbolized by number


What is reflected on Earth is
reflected within us. So these stories are reminding us to clean up our inner
and outer home – represented by number 4.


One way to clean up old, useless
mind-patterns is to make sure you have a highly fortunate, balancedcurrent
name. This alone will help you navigate and surpass the powerful events and
energies on Earth right now.


Instead of attracting unnecessary
obstacles with a challenging name, you will be a step ahead of the game with a
name frequency that allows your positive ideas to flourish and manifest.


Start benefiting from your
Fortunate Name report today.


Be safe
and keep warm.





P.S. Better
yet, receive the Fortunate Name report as a gift with your 30+ page Personal
Numerology Blueprint

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