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Your Star Code Unlocks the Secrets of Your Future

Foreknowledge is the ultimate abundance manifestation tool.
Learn to read anyone's FUTURE Astro-Numerology Code
to reveal compelling, precisely timed Forecasts !


tania-bigThe best time to leverage your future is BEFORE it becomes reality.

Now you have an amazing opportunity to continue empowering your life and the lives of your clients by interpreting the secret star codes of the future…

Picture a chart in front of you that draws out the important ebb and flow of your current and distant future energy grids. Imagine being able to interpret this chart quickly while zeroing in on your immediately available opportunities!

NOW you can.

Of course, you must have some basic knowledge of astrology and numerology first.

Which is why this new forecast training is only available to you if you have completed the Numerology Academy™Level I program, giving you the grounding and knowledge absolutely necessary to proceed…  NOW ready to discover the compelling forecasting program: Future Forecast Formula™.

Make the Future Vibrantly Visible!

In Future Forecast Formula™, you”ll learn how to unlock the secrets embedded in the astro-numerology codes of the future.

  • Recognize the timing of major upcoming events before they arrive using my secret NEW tool, revealed for the FIRST time in the Future Forecast Formula™ system!
  • Learn to interpret the hidden meaning of tomorrow’s astrological degree numbers.
  • Use specifically timed success strategies to unlock any upcoming abundance portals!
  • Discover important parallels and repeated themes that are mirrored in your client's numerology and astrology cycles.
  • Help others overcome fears about current and upcoming ‘challenging’ alignments, by sharing the potential for GROWTH
    in their code at that time (one of the BIG keys to success!)
  • Consciously leverage opportunities using foreknowledge of fortunate openings in your timeline!
  • Know precisely when specific areas of your client's life need extra attention – for decisions and direction in career, finances, relationships, health, spirituality, education and work environment.
  • Use the Future Forecast Formula program to help your clients…
    Design the best possible future outcomes
    – Create an Inner Ignition Activation of their goals and plans
    Monetize inspired ideas into prosperous results
  • and join Tania every month for Future Forecast Formula™ Support Calls when she reveals the meaning of all transits for the next month plus answers your questions! (You even get to listen to previous issues of these Future Forecast Formula Calls, once you join!)

Imagine being able to forecast the exact TIMING of your greatest opportunities …

Solar Arc ForecastCycles are pre-determined. Numbers are pure and unchangeable. The movement of the stars is constant and predictable. Your cycles are already mapped out…

You just need to know HOW to interpret the formula!

Future Forecast Formula™ is the ultimate divination program. This tried and true formula combines astrology and numerology in a forecast that empowers your clients with clear, concise information – handing you the secret map already created by your soul at the time of your birth.

The accuracy and impact of this forecast formula is astounding. If you are looking for spiritual depth coupled with a down-to-earth, clear, practical and systematic divination tool, look no further.

Enroll now in Tania's best-selling astro-numerology coaching program, Future Forecast Formula™ at the special Numerology Academy™ members ONLY discount price.

You're going to love how this NEW divination toolbox will transform your life and the life of your clients.

I’m so excited to support you along this wonderful journey. Your commitment to living a more mindful, consciously created, ABUNDANT life will reap ENDLESS rewards!


The regular investment for this course is $997.00 … but enroll NOW
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Best of all, a four-pay monthly payment plan of $171.00/month is available!

Future Forecast Formula

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