With the media focusing on Obama’s 10th straight primary win over Hillary, Fidel Castro’s resignation yesterday was just a blip on the radar screen.
But in many ways, Fidel’s life is more fascinating. After all, how many assassination attempts has he thwarted. President Johnson alone ordered at least eight plots involving the CIA to assassinate Castro.
Then there’s the length of his rulership. How many other leaders, dictators or not, have ruled a country since 1959.
With his ability to stay in power for nearly five decades, I figured Fidel Castro’s name added up to a pretty good number. Especially since his day of birth, 13, required that he use a good name. His actual last name is Ruz – Castro being one of his middle names. He chose well, because using that name with Fidel adds up to 41/5.
In a way, you couldn’t ask for a better vibration for a politician. Here’s why. 41 resonates to a magical power to sway masses of people. With this number he also received the same help from those in high positions. Add this to the natural ability he gets to charm others with magnetic presence and speech, and it’s clear why 41 is also known by the ancients as the ‘politician’s vibration.’
His name number also gave him an open book to write, publish, and get on radio and television. Plus he received the ability to work well under pressure. As you can see, Fidel Castro’s name is a highly fortunate vibration.
Add to that his Life Purpose Number and I can see why this man remained in power so long. This number gives him great powers of self-expression. When Castro spoke, people listened.
If you’re wondering about his 13 Day of Birth – well that’s where the dictatorship card comes in. Now, I’m not saying that people with 13s in their blueprint are dictators. Castro had a combination of numbers totally unique to him. The 13/4 points to how he was challenged – and that he has a very unorthodox way of thinking. 13 a number of upheaval and is associated with power. Thing is, IF this power is used for selfish reasons – it will bring destruction. As we can see in the isolation Cuba has endured under his reign. A warning of the unknown and unexpected is also great with 13.
There is another connection to his number 13. Castro ruled Cuba with an iron fist for 49 straight years. 49 adds up to 13. Very interesting.
His Destiny, Soul and Personality vibrations all add to the puzzle. In a nutshell here is what they represent. Castro had to be Number 1. He wanted the adoration of the masses and took risks to get it. He also worked Hard to get his position of power.
Coupled with his magnetic name number – Fidel Castro created a unique persona that will forever be discussed in history books. Let’s hope now that he’s stepped down, democracy can begin to germinate and flourish in beautiful Cuba.
Moving on to last night’s decisive victories for Barack Obama – there’s no doubt now, he’s now the Democratic frontrunner. As I’ve been saying, look out in November.
And, in case you weren’t aware of it, by popular demand, I have created a new product. If you’ve ever wondered, Is My Name Fortunate? look no further.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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