We are in the middle of hurricane
season and the storms are lining up.


Tropical Depression ‘Earl' reached
hurricane status yesterday, and this is cause for concern.


When I track the strength of
hurricanes, there are several number combinations I watch for – both in the
name and on the date the storm turns into category 1 hurricane.


One of the clues for me is when I
see an 11, 22, 33 in the date or name. These are sometimes called ‘Master
Numbers.' When they occur in your birth blueprint, they show you are here to Master
something very specific.


In a current event, these numbers
show intensity and strength.


‘Katrina' became a hurricane on
8.25.2005. Add up all the digits and the total Universal Date is 22/4.


22/4 was combined with the name
‘Katrina' – a challenging 16/7. Not only that, but this difficult 16/7 name was
activated by the Day Katrina reached hurricane status – on the 25th
which also reduces to 7.


Here is another example.


Hurricane Andrew became a category
1 on August 22, 1992. The 22/4 Day is important when combined with the full
Universal Date – a 33.


If you remember Hurricane Ike in
2008, it reached hurricane status on 9.3.2008, which adds up to 22/4.


The name ‘Ike' is an 8, which symbolizes
strength and power. Keep in mind, it's not just one name or number alone, but a
combination of at least two frequencies that shows the potential of a


When I was very young, growing up
in northern Virginia I remember the terrible flooding and winds from Hurricane


Camille formed on 8.14.1969. There
are many clues in that date. 14/5 is the Media Number showing the storm got a
lot of attention. Plus 14 reduces to 5 – a frequency of unexpected events,
adventure and risks. Finally, the whole date adds up to 38/11, bringing


Let's look at ‘Earl'.


The name ‘Earl' adds up to an 11.


‘Earl' reached hurricane status
yesterday on the 29th, an 11 Day.


The Universal Date of 8.29/2010
adds up to 22/4.


With the intensity in these
numbers, the probability of Earl turning into a major storm are far more


Let's all visualize this hurricane
staying way off shore.


If Earl heads your way, place
yourself and your home in violet – the color of protection.


Just like hurricane names carry a
specific frequency, so does your current name. No matter where you live, keep
yourself in protection with a fortunate name.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle