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Today comes news that Iran test-fired its longest-range and fastest
missile yet.


The West, especially the U.S. and Israel are not
happy about the news. I took note that the date today is December 16.


16 is a number of sudden, unforeseen events that
may result in a downfall of some sort. The total Universal Day number for
today, 12.16.2009, is 21/3. This number ties directly into 2010 – a 3 Universal


Since numbers are a symbolic language, this may
be a message to the world that things could heat up in Middle East soon.


Let's look more closely at the current cycles
for Iran, Israel and the United States.


First Iran. Amazingly, the announcement today on
the 16th ties directly to Iran's 16 Personal Year right now,
pointing to possible danger ahead.


Additionally, Iran will be entering a powerful 8
Year in 2010. Since Iran's Life Purpose Number is 31/4, the possibility of challenging
events is greater. This is because 4 and 8 have a magnetic, fateful
relationship that is activated when they relate to each other.


Consider then that Israel is in a 21/3 Personal
Year right now and will also be entering a powerful and fateful 13/4 year in


This means the Iran and Israel's personal cycles
will be 8 and 13/4 respectively in 2010. This recipe of numbers points to power
struggles and tension between these two countries.


Next year, the U.S. will be experiencing a
fast-paced, eventful 14/5 cycle.


Two things to watch for. Any 5 cycle will
trigger the Life Purpose Number for the U.S which is 32/5 – a vibration
symbolizing freedom, risk, adventure and unexpected events.


Secondly, the 14/5 covers media, so there will
be situations in the U.S. that world media will be covering in 2010.


Interestingly, Israel and the U.S. share the
exact same Life Purpose Number – 32/5 – one reason the relationship is so close.
However they are in different cycles every year. And that makes a difference.


Taking all the above-mentioned cycles and
numbers' recipes into consideration, here is what I see when looking
specifically at the Middle East.


All three countries will be vying for power on
the world stage. Israel and Iran will have to work through a challenging 4 and
8 activation – two numbers that are fatefully attracted to each other. It could
get tense and volatile.


Let's hope fortunate interventions release some
of the tension.


On a happier note, YOUR personal cycles are
unique to you. So no matter where you find yourself you can be free of the
tension building on the world stage.


Knowing how your numbers are being expressed
right now is your powerful tool to freedom, success and peace of mind.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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