Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 11.55.02 AMImagine being cut in line to by a lottery ticket by an elderly woman who ends up winning $590 million.

Well, that elderly woman was Gloria MacKenzie who acknowled that a kind woman allowed her to bypass the line and purchase her winning ticket.

No surprise that the jackpot winner’s name is highly fortunate.

Look at the numerology code activated by her name:

“Gloria MacKenzie” adds up to 23/5.

23 symbolizes the “Royal Star of the Lion” in current names – no other number can challenge the lion’s strength and win!

Gloria won $590 million. That number adds up to 14/5.

5 is the number of luck in gambling!

She bought the ticket in May, the 5th month.

You can see how the codes of 5s was activated by Gloria MacKenzie’s highly fortunate 23/5 name.

Even the kind lady who let MacKenzie cut in front of her was part of the winning code.

Mindy Crandell's name  activated the number 14/5! Yes, Crandell could have won that jackpot. She took a risk, as people with 14 name numbers often do.

I don’t have the information for these two ladies’ astro-numerology codes, so I cannot see the complete picture of how their personal cycles were activated on that month and day.

What I love about this story is that Mindy Crandell was not upset or bitter about her decision. She said in an interview how hoped the money is a blessing to Gloria MacKenzie’s family.

Wouldn’t it be great if Gloria send a “thank you” check to Mindy Crandell?! That would complete the wonderful storyline for me…

What's important is that you don't feel the need to depend onoutside forces, handouts or lottery tickets to create abundance.

All Abundance resides within you.

Abundance is only LASTING if it comes from within you.

Abundance is not contained in a lottery ticket. A lottery ticket is not a tool.

However, within soul's personal code lies a powerful Abundance Tool: your name.

More precisely, the name you are choosing to use right NOW.

This current name shows how easy – or difficult it is for you to create a consistent flow of abundance.

1. If your name is challenging, then accomplishing your goals is going to take longer and the road will be filled with more obstacles and difficulty.

2. If your current name is fortunate, you are supported along the way with rewarding results and assistance from others.

Your name is your spiritual calling card.

Make it a positive one!

The Is My Name Fortunate? report allows me to check your current name. If necessary I will create two highly  fortunate alternative spellings. (Most people need them!)

Click here for your fortunate name report:

Love and Abundance,
Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Mr. 23 32 June 14, 2013 at 8:39 am - Reply

    That is amazing. And I should know.

    I actually went by a 28 first name and a 27 last name for 30 years. I changed my first name to a 23 name and my last name to a 32 name. I was born on the 5th of the month but I think I am “supposed” to remain a 55/1 (total name). That’s my feeling, which is why I refrained from becoming a 50/5 to be exactly in sync with my birthday. On another note, from my research, in regards to names, a 5-day person can live comfortably with a “fortunate” 1 name. I just felt 28 was not working for me, but the two 5 names supporting the 1 total name and being born on a 5 day, I believe, will be continuously amazing! 🙂

    Oh and on another note, I was driving to sign an important business contract today, June 14th, 2013 ( 🙂 and a van semi-aggressively moved in front of me and guess what was on the license plate: 2221Y77 <— WOW! 222 1 777 (The universe knows that I use Pythagorean Numerology for license plate signs but Chaldean for everything else including name calculating, etc like you. In short, I took this as a positive sign.) Ok, end of exclamatory rant.

    Have a GREAT DAY!

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