Today is Friday the 13th, the second one of 2012.

13 weeks ago we had the first of the three Friday the 13th.

In 13 weeks, on July 1,3 we will experience the final of three Friday the 13th in 2012.

What makes this year so significant is that these three days are all 13 weeks apart. So the message of the 13 is very potent in 2012.

13 is the Change Agent number. It requires change from the inside out.

Transformation, Life-Death-Rebirth, Release.

More often than not, these changes happen out of the blue, all of a sudden and in a dramatic fashion – all depending on what needs to shift.

13 is about power. Most people are afraid of their own power. So they end up misusing the power they have instead of using it to elevate their life. This is because most have not worked through the previous number 12 in a way that allows them to stop feeling like a victim of circumstances.

2012 is the 12th year of the century.

This year the combination of the 12 and 13 dynamic is unbelievably significant.

It is important to understand that 13 symbolizes the divine feminine. 13 is directly related to the 13 moon cycles a year, the 13 weeks in each season and the number 4 (1+3 = 4) which lays roots and manifests into physical reality.

In 2012 the relationship between male and female is being brought back into balance.

The two 2s on the outside of 2-01-2 represent relationship and communication.

The 0 and 1 in the middle symbolize the female and male, alpha and omega, yin and yang.

In a nutshell, you want to give yourself space this year to seed and create a new life – a life of balance, authenticity and self-fulfillment.

In order to do this you must confront your issues.

Do you feel like you deserve happiness?

Do you fear failure?

Are you addicted to struggle?

You have to be completely honest about your feelings right now and make a decision.

2012, a 5 Universal Year, is a time of CHOICES.

If you choose to feel helpless and undeserving of happiness, you will reap the results in 2012 more quickly than ever before.

Instead, make a decision to change your life.

Use the empowering message revealed in The 2012 Code™ to take a risk! Stand your ground when others resist your own transformation. Stay strong and centered in your Truth. Tap into the profound 13 frequency and allow it to go to work for you.

Re-cognize your divinity.

And remember. Just like the Moon has cycles, your life is a series of cycles.

You just have to know how to find the opportunities!

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• Have complete control over how you plan your life.

• Become clear on how and when to leverage your specific opportunities.

• Discover when it is prudent to lay low, trust and be patient.

• Never have to worry about why certain events are occurring, because you KNOW what experiences are in store for you at any given time.

• Create abundance inside and out.

Right now more than every before you can easily say goodbye to old ways of doing things – business and personal – and FINALLY step up to the plate as WHO YOU ARE. Not as who you think you should be.

That old paradigm is gone.

Take this opportunity now. Use Your Next 12 Months Blueprint as a powerful guide.

Many Blessings,


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