Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.47.45 AMApril 25, 2013 is the start of three consecutive lunar eclipses.

When the sun is opposite the moon, it is full – it literally becomes a mirror to the sun, illuminating the LIGHT of our star.

Everything is revealed in the light. Nothing remains hidden.

Today we are experiencing a partial full moon eclipse, but like all eclipses, this is an extra powerful lineup between sun and moon.

Get ready for some major breakthroughs from this point onwards.

This Scorpio full moon unearths deep layers within all of us. It is a process that will continue to magnify through the next two eclipses in May.

And by the end of 2013 a new reality will have been birthed.

We are in the process of restructuring how we experience our divine nature. The energetic alignment 12.21.2012 was only the beginning…

2013 is a 6 Universal Year of love, family, responsibility and abundance.

6 represents the “cosmic parent” and looks like a pregnant woman.

6 births a new creation which is born out of LOVE – the true meaning of abundance!

Add the fact that we’re living in the 13th year of our century… attracting an element of profound transformation.

Today’s partial full moon eclipse lining up in Taurus and Scorpio focuses on our self-worth, our financial worth, our security, our self-confidence – these are undergoing a transformation as we release old beliefs, old values.

Scorpio strips away what is false, no longer useful and expired.

Be alert to the areas in your life where you’re feeling more tension and intensity You even may feel destabilized. Know that these areas are precisely where you want to direct your attention. Make room for endings to occur, if you are prompted.

True healing, the underlying message 2013, is your greatest asset right now.

So, the current astro-numerology code reveals:

What is formerly hidden will be made manifest.

 You are facing your shadow and choosing to be reborn.

 You are cutting the cords to false securities.

You are rekindling your true creativity and reclaiming the power of your intuition.

Eclipses expand and magnify energy. Today’s partial eclipse occurs at 4:07 pm Eastern, 1:07 pm Pacific and 9:07 pm Universal Time (GMT).

Today is the 25th – a 7 Day.

7 symbolizes a lightning strike of intuitive insight. Allow your gut feelings to guide you! Your intuitive hunches are more important than ever.

Trust in the divine. Open up to guidance and nurturing.

Take responsibility for creating your abundant life!

You WILL rebirth this year.

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Abundance is achieved when you take responsibility for all parts of your life. Find out where you personally must place your focus during the next six months by joining me for the Face Your Fears… and Prosper in 2013 virtual webinar. Seats are going fast!


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