full-moon-riseA beautiful Virgo Full Moon is upon us now.

Its magnificent code translates as manifesting spirit into matter.

– The Full Moon is exact today at 26/8 degrees on a 17/8 Date.

– It occurs on a 16/7 Day in a 7 Year.

The double 7 inspires us from within.

The double 8 empowers and strengthens our resolve.

Once you end the illusion of being separate from Source, you embrace the source of YOUR inner strength. That is where lasting power resides. You can manifest Anything and be Anyone!

This Virgo Full Moon clears your thoughts about dis-empowerment.

Realize how inseparable you are from Source and you enter into spiritual union with yourself and the universe.

Your inner strength arises from knowing you are ONE with everything.

The sacred double 7 and double 8 code triggered by this Full Moon creates a dynamic invitation to understand where your TRUE power comes from. Not a show of power, but in-spired empowerment.

Not power as in might…but LIGHT.

Every brilliant idea is a spark of light. Go and manifest YOUR sparks of light into physical reality.

Embrace the full spectrum of your inner light. That is true full-fill-ment.

Be open and willing to shift!

Love and Abundance,


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