Last week we moved from our home in Asheville, NC and drove to Arizona. During that time comedian George Carlin died.
Whether you like his views or not, he was a very funny guy.
Jerry Seinfeld said in the New York Times, ‘you could certainly say that George downright invented modern American stand-up comedy in many ways. Every comedian does a little George. I couldn’t even count the number of times I’ve been standing around with some comedians and someone talks about some idea for a joke and another comedian would say, ‘Carlin does it.’ I’ve heard it my whole career: ‘Carlin does it,’ ‘Carlin already did it,’ ‘Carlin did it eight years ago.’’
George Carlin was born on the 12th of May. 12/3 is a highly creative number. People born on this day of any month love to learn and express themselves. Carlin certainly knew how to do both.
His current name ‘George Carlin’ is a 13/4, a number directly related to the United States, as I will reveal in my upcoming book. As befits the 13, Carlin’s humor was groundbreaking and politically incorrect.
13 is associated with genius. So it makes sense that Carlin’s views were unorthodox and explored areas many people shy away from. One of his simple and ingenious quotes was, ‘Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.’
There’s a warning of the unexpected that goes along with a 13/4 current name. Having a heart attack is in line with the sudden events that can arise with this number. Remember how television reporter Tim Russert died two weeks ago on June 13th.
When I look at Carlin’s Personal Year in 2008, I get even more clues.
He was in a ‘transition’ year -18/9. Any 9 year symbolizes endings, letting go of the past. Since Carlin’s Destiny Number was a 9, this was a big year for him.
I tell clients of mine who are in a 18/9 year, to pay attention to their physical body – be sure to eat healthy food, exercise outdoors and get enough sleep at night. New plans and ideas are active in your mind, so you can experience trouble sleeping. It is common for small or large health issues to come up during an 18 year.
Finally, George Carlin died on the 22nd.
When you have a 13/4 current name, as Carlin did – a 22/4 day is considered more fateful. Since he was also in a 9 year of endings and transitions, and his Destiny Number was also a 9, the 22nd was even more fateful.
The number 22/4 also ties into U.S. politics and history. George Carlin will be remembered for his unique and penetrating views about politicians. He didn’t trust anyone in Washington. His 13 name and 22 day of death symbolize the legacy he leaves behind.
Carlin once said, ‘I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.’
May he rest in peace.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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