Did you happen to notice Google's
homepage today? Not everyone is getting this image of an X-ray of bones on a
black background, so I decided to post it here.

Picture 4.png


If you look closely, you may see three
wispy 6s. In Google's first ‘o', then an upside down 6 in the second ‘o' and
then another wispy 6 in the ‘g'.


Three 6's add up to 18, the number
that the ancient Chaldeans said held the most challenging symbolism. It
represents the material wanting to destroy the spiritual side of life.


Now why would Google post this Google
Skeleton picture on November 8, 2010?


Today the numbers 13, 4 and 8 are
being activated simultaneously. So the skeleton image is meant to trigger you
on a deep level.


13 symbolizes Death and Rebirth –
a Transformation.


Numbers 4 and 8 are fatefully
connected to each other – the only numbers that have this kind of relationship.


When I see a major world presence
like Google activate a picture of an X-ray skeleton on a 13/4 Universal Day, and
the 8th Day of the 11th month – which in itself
symbolizing walking through the portals into the unknown – it catches my


You may not realize this, but
people in powerful positions know and use ancient sciences – like astrology and
numerology. What they know is not available to most.


For example, the ancient Hebrew
form of astrology had 13 signs. It makes a lot of sense. When you consider that
4 weeks times 13 signs equals 52 weeks. The 13th sign was the


This is why the ancient Chaldean
priests only went up to number 52 in numerology. It is also why we have 52
playing cards.


It is important to note again that
the name ‘President Obama' adds up to 52/7 in the ancient Chaldean system I use
for your current name.


All of this is significant as we
end one cycle and begin a new one.


As I have said, the codes 2010,
2011 and 2012 are signifying tremendous change and transformation.


Make sure your name is protecting and supporting you.


A fortunate current name is a most valuable asset to living a
fulfilling life. Your Fortunate Name report comes as a gift with the Personal
Numerology Blueprint


Tania Gabrielle


P.S. You can also get the ‘Is My Name Fortunate?‘ report on its own.

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